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What's left on your to do list?

I am just outside of 5 weeks from my scheduled csection and wondering what else I need to go to prepare for this baby! It's number 3 for me so I feel like I'm forgetting something! I started to freak out, bought a bunch of stuff, got things washed and now thinking I'm done or forgetting stuff!

Re: What's left on your to do list?

  • I need to stick the car seat base into the car, pull the pack and play out of the box, buy a high chair - looking for one that reclines and is not loud and plastic (practically impossible). Install the blinds in the nursery i.e. remind DH for the 100th time. Stock the pantry and freezer, do ALOT of transfer stuff to my employees so I don't have to work for a while, get my pump, finish the bunting I am making for the nursery. I am sure there is more but I think I have the major stuff done. 
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  • I'm in pretty good shape, there is just a little bit of cleaning I still want to do.  We are still waiting to have our new countertops installed, though, and I'm not going to run myself ragged cleaning cabinetry and baseboards only to have contractors come in and trash my kitchen.  I'll do it after the counters are installed or when I think I'm for real in labor, lol.
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  • I want to make some more freezer meals and stock up our pantry. I still need to set up the pack n play downstairs, install the carseat, and finish washing clothes/blankets. We still need to buy more clothes and diapers, but we're waiting until LO is here so that we have a better idea of her size. DH and I were both big babies (9lbs and 11lbs), so we want to make sure we don't stock up NB things only to have her skip them entirely.


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  • The big thing left looming over me is to pack the hospital bag. I have a pile of things and have packed what I need for LO, but still need to pack for myself and DH. I also need to install (ahem, encourage DH) the car seat bases and then make the appointment to have them inspected at our local fire station. And I need to wash the fabric parts of the bouncy seat, swing and RNP sleeper. Other than that, I think everything is pretty much ready (hand me down stuff and a few new things are washed) - what isn't ready either my mom or DH will take care of after she is born.
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  • We are moving into our new house soon after the baby arrives so I feel pretty overwhelmed with the thought if having to pack everything here up. Oddly I do still feel like I have everything ready for baby's arrival. I have the swing set up, her clothes washed and a place for her to sleep. I don't know if it is because this is my fourth but I feel very laid back this time around.
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  • If baby came today, I'd be good. There are a few things I'd like to do, but no biggie if they don't get done. I've got some deep cleaning I want to do, and I keep finding nursery projects to do, but that don't really need to be done haha. I'm sort if waiting for that nesting thing to happen that happens the day of or day before labor!


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  • The only BIG things are to pack my hospital bag and install the car seat.  Oh, and send my dog's updated vaccine info to the doggie daycare/crateless boarding place where he'll be staying while I'm in the hospital.  Gah... and call the pediatrician to find out how soon they need to see LO after she's born.  Determined to remember to do those last two during my lunch break today!

    Other than that it's all little stuff... We installed new closet doors in the nursery, but we still need to put the knobs on, and there are a couple of tiny spots on the walls that need to be touched up (we kept the old paint color from when the room was my office), basically just small finishing touches on the nursery.  It's stuff that COULD be done after LO is here, but I know if we wait it probably won't get done. Stick out tongue

  • I need to install the car seat.  I haven't because I told DH to help me vacuum the crumbs out of the backseat, thanks to DS and DD!  He has yet to do that, so the car seat is in the living room.

    I need to start cooking and freezing meals, but I swear I can't find the energy to do that.

    I should pack my hospital bag, but I waited until I was in active labor last time and managed just fine.  However, we only lived 15 minutes from the hospital, so anything I forgot, DH could run home and get it.  We have moved 35 minutes away since then, so I at least need to make a list and stick it on top of my empty bag! 

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  • 1 - Deep cleaning the house

    2 - sanitizing linens for the birth

    3 - purchase hose attachment for the sink

    4 - sanitize the rented birth tub

    5 - fix seatbelt in the car so we can add the fourth carseat

    6 - more freezer meals

    That's about it.  The cleaning is going to take a while, but I'm waiting until a little closer to the birth to get started so everything stays nice and fresh when the baby comes.  Around here, with so many little munchkins, any cleaning and organizing work is usually undone within a week.  lol

  • I'm in pretty good shape. I just need to find out if I can get my breastpump through insurance before I deliver and actually DH is looking into this for me because I'm under his insurance, I need to sterelize bottles and pacis even though I don't plan on using them right away and I need to do another round of baby laundry but I'm waiting until after my work shower tomorrow! :-)

    I need to STOP stocking up my pantry because I'm starting to turn into some kind of nut that needs to be on TLC! :P


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  • 1. Move into new house! Can't do anything until that happens.

    2. Wash baby clothes.

    3. Find car seat, wash it then install it.

    4. Clean out car.

    5. Start making freezer meals.

    6. Wash pack n play sheets.

    7. Get a new bouncer or swing from consignment.
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  • I'm 3 weeks out from my due date, so it's crunch time for me. Here's my list:

    Finish packing hospital bag, pack DS's overnight bag

    Install car seat (not a big deal since I used it with DS and already know how to do it)

    Wash/sanitize boppy, bouncer, swing, PNP, moby & DS's hand me downs

    Sew & hang nursery curtains & finish some decorations

    Make some freezer meals  

  • I'm 3 weeks from RCS date and I think I would be good if I would go into labor on my own at this point. Just need to install car seat, set up big things( swing, PNP, RNP- they're already wash and good to go, just have them in hiding to keep clutter to a minimum). Also need to notify insurance of the new baby and call new pediatrician and see if they need me to do anything else.

    i would like to freeze a few more meals but its not high on the priorities right now. 

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  • I need to put LO carseat in the car tomorrow. Put the hospital bags in the car, and wash the pump bottles, and other bottles(baby will be breastfed, but eventually have breastmilk in a bottle so Big brother and Daddy can help feed him) Everything else is done. So proud
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