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Dr. Appt yesterday - please pray

Good Morning Ladies,

Had a troubling dr's appt yesterday.  If any of you are spiritual/religeous etc please pray for LO and myself.  Fervently.  I have lost another 16 pounds in the last two weeks and my blood pressure is runnning high (138/92).  Topping it off, I have started to retain massive amounts of fluid (read can't wear rings or shoes any more).  The dr took labs to check for something his nurse called pre-eclampsia (sp?).  Foolish, Curious me, looked it up and it is a frightening condition based on what I could find.  They only told me it was about having a high BP.  On a good note, Baby  Cliff has a strong steady heartbeat and is growing a little ahead of the curve.  I am thinking he may make an appearance before his due date.  I pray that it is not too soon.

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Re: Dr. Appt yesterday - please pray

  • Good luck! Thoughts and prayers coming your way.  But just so you know, while pre-e is scary and dangerous, your OB/DRs know what they're doing.  I had undiagnosed pre-e with DD#1 and we're both fine.  My OB is monitoring me for it this time around, but so far so good.

    On the (somewhat) nice side, if you are diagnosed with pre-e, your Dr will probably have you start coming in every week immediately, so you get to hear LO a lot more frequently! (A lot of pre-e moms are having extra ultrasounds to check baby too, so there's another nice thing...)

    Good Luck!!

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  • Head on over to the high risk board and/or preemie board and you will find many moms who are currently dealing with pre-e or have already had a baby. It is not uncommon, although it can be scary. Good luck to you! I hope you can find some support to ease your mind.
  • Sending many many T&P your way. I hope baby Cliff stays in until 36+ weeks. Take care of yourself (and baby) and remember your Dr. see's this everyday!
  • I was officially diagnosed with pre-e on Friday. I've gotten it in all of my pregnancies, but in the other two it was at 37+ weeks so they could deliver. I'm on full bedrest and being watched carefully (at the office once or twice a week) and also taking blood pressure meds to help control it. It sounds scary, but it's not awful and it sounds like your doc is on top of it. Step away from Dr. Google!!!
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  • My dr pre-screened me for pre-e a few weeks ago because of high blood pressure (130/80).  That's been my only symptom and all the other lab tests have been normal.  I looked pre-e up too when my dr mentioned and it freaked me out.  Like the PP's said, your dr sees this quite often and will monitor you closely. 
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  • I know it's scary but there are many of us who have experienced high BP or pre-e and had perfect healthy babies. Your doctor will monitor you closely to be sure you don't have protein in your urine and may put you on bed rest and medication to control it. I have a lot of swelling and borderline high BP for the last 10 weeks of my first pregnancy and was able to make it to 40 weeks and deliver a healthy big baby boy. Many T&P for you. 
  • Thoughts and prayers for you and your little one.
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  • Thank you ladies for all your kind words of support and experience.  Yes, i fully plan on staying far away from Dr. Google from now on.  The dr had  told me he would tell me when it was time to worry - and yesterday those words came from his mouth and I got scared.  So far, no bed rest but he is waiting on the lab results before he makes that determination.   Thank you again for all your support and prayers. 
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  • Praying for you and the the LO
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  • Pre-e can be scary and dangerous if it's not caught, but it's actually fairly common, and with the exception of rare cases, they will monitor you closely and get LO out before it gets too dangerous for either of you. That may mean having a preemie, but with severe pre-e sometimes that's the only option. I had severe pre-e/HELLP with DD and had to deliver at 34w1d. I hope you don't end up getting it, but if you do then there are many women here who have been through it and will offer support!

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  • I'm sorry you're dealing with this.

    Does your doctor have a theory as to why you have lost 16 pounds in two weeks, but are gaining massive amounts of fluid? That is very concerning to me. You've gained fluid weight, but are losing overall?

  • T&P's I had it with my last pregnancy. It is scary but try to stay calm.
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  • Hi Kelly - so far no theories other than that I was diagnosed with HG - two weeks ago after losing 12 pounds.  The continued weight loss is concerning to him and he is wondering if it could be part of the pre-e, HG or something else.  He said the fluid retention is normal but he is very concerned about it being so much especially since I am considered dehydrated from the HG. 

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  • Good luck, prayers coming your way!
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