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just venting...

Ugh.  Love DH dearly but there are some things I can't/shouldn't do now that I'm pregnant or are just harder.  Cat box, etc.  I have to ask him to do anything 3x plus and usually if I ask him to do more than one task a night, I can guarantee he will do only one of them and "forget" the rest.

Today I cleaned one of our bathrooms and he was mad because I used chemicals (bleach) while pregnant.


Told him I'm tired of not being able to do stuff and he said He'll do it, and I got all upset because he doesn't do the basic stuff and now he wants me to stop doing more stuff?

Anyone else dealing with this type of crap? 

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Re: just venting...

  • I could've written this myself. 
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  • Same things happening over here, well except him telling me not to do stuff, lol. But he gets home from work and I ask him to do stuff that I couldn't do and he seems annoyed cuz he "just got home".  I'm like "cry me a river, I've been cleaning for 5 plus hours, while 36 weeks pregnant." lol.

    Although, I would definitely not being doing anything after working if it were reversed, but my job is more physically demanding than his generally.

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  • oh yes.  but i hired a cleaning lady so that it would,t be an issue anymore.  things are much better.
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  • omg YES!!! I love my hubby dearly but sometimes i just want to choke him!!! lol me and my neice cleaned like my entire house the other day and all he did most of the time was sit on a chair in the kitchen and tell my neice what to do...he was basically "supervising" uuuggghhh...and it took me all but having a nervous breakdown to get him to put the crib up!!!
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  • Same here. Today I asked my fiance to put away his clean laundry (which I washed) so that I could use the laundry basket to do my laundry. Did it get done? Of course not. A week ago I was organizing our living room and went to go pick up a big pile of blankets. He asked me what I was doing, and when I told him I was going to move them to the closet he told me that he would do it for me because it looked heavy. Did he ever move them? No. That was a week ago, so I just moved them today myself. I've basically come to the conclusion that nothing productive is going to get done in a timely manner unless I do it myself.
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  • My favotite is when I am unloading the dishwasher in obvious discomfort (read: grunting slightly) from the bending over and he watches TV and pretends not to notice...
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  • Yes.  I still do everything I did before.  Carry groceries, laundry to the basement,....  I ask him about 3 times to do things and when he still doesn't I do them myself.  I'm not patient and shouldn't have to be!
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  • We use natural cleaners. How about switching the bleach for vinegar for now. Then you can do your normal
  • DH is notorious for saying he will do something in a second, then never doing it. It drives me up the wall! Since I've started the third trimester and have become horribly uncomfortable doing anything, I ask him to do more but I've learned that I just have to nag him or stare at him until he actually does it. I refuse to stress myself out and do things that I physically shouldn't be doing. My new response to him saying that he will do something in a second is, if I wanted it done 15 minutes from now id ask you in 15 minutes. He's starting to get really good at doing things now.



  • I just want my Hubby to clean the cat box more than every two or three weeks. Its stinks and I feel so bad for my poor cat. I have to ask him everyday for a week before it gets done. Everything else he will do but he hates to clean to cat box. I am looking forward to cleaning it again. I hate the smell of a dirty litter box!
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  • Yep!

    I am not a clean freak by any means but I do like things to be somewhat in order.  The cleaning fairy bit me in the a** on sunday so I got up, made us breakfast then loaded the dishwasher and cleaned the kitchen, swept the floors, cleaned the bathroom, organized more of the baby's room, and did 6 yes 6 loads of laundry.  8:30pm rolls around and i'm bushed out on the couch and my SO looks at me and says "Hey, don't you have clothes in the washer and dryer?" I said yes I do, it's  the last load, will you please go throw it in the dryer for me?"  He said no and went on about watching the damn tv! I switched out the laundry then laid in the bedroom and bawled bc I was so exhausted and just wanted a little help that would take him 2 minutes. Irritating!

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  • I wish... I'm the only one doing jack sht to clean this house. DD has suddenly taken after daddy an stopped making her bed even!
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  • image apastinack:
    I just want my Hubby to clean the cat box more than every two or three weeks. Its stinks and I feel so bad for my poor cat. I have to ask him everyday for a week before it gets done. Everything else he will do but he hates to clean to cat box. I am looking forward to cleaning it again. I hate the smell of a dirty litter box!

    I got so tired of asking him to do it EVERY DAY.  Then he got pissed when the cat found another spot in the basement to poop.  HELLO--would you want to take a dump in a dirty bathroom....why would you expect the cat to????

    I finally went and bought a big box of latex gloves and dust masks and just clean the damn thing myself. My doctor said it was ok as long as I wear the gloves and mask

  • My DH is back to not really helping me out. I told him that we needed to get the house completly cleaned last week so that if LO made his debut, everything would be good. "I will Help hunny" oh yeah, that happened. He sat on the couch as I cleaned the entire kitchen alone, and did all the laundry, and folded and put away LO laundry, and cleaned the Living room, and DS1's room, while organizing his toys, had to lift all his toy boxes onto his bed so I could then go through and clean the carpets, and then clean the living room carpets. No help at all from DH. Than he had me put off the rest over the weekend. I cleaned the bathroom yesterday, and picked up all the toys in the living room again. I have been so sick the past few days, that when DH got home and we went and had dinner, he told me to go lay down and relax for a bit. I told him I had to do the dishes (Alot of them since he promises he will do them but has not) Alright. He comes into bed last night after he has been playing a game all night on his PS3, which I saw everytime I had to go pee. And says that he forgot the dishes. UGH!!
     So this morning when I got up bright and early with him and DS1 like i do everyday,I realized that the living room was trashed with toys, so I just went and I did the dishes.

    He is always telling me that he will do this, and that, so I do not have to. This pregnancy has really been hard. But there is very few times that he follows through. I always have to hear "Hunny don't do that, I will." but it never gets done, unless I am doing it and actually crying out of frustration and pain. Then he will come over and make me stop. I just wish he would follow through with it, so I would not have to get so upset everytime I realize it hasn't been done and that I have to do it.

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  • Sorry you ladies are dealing with this. I wish I could get DH to stop cleaning and nesting!!! This is a slow season for his business so he's home most of the day and is constantly cleaning and re organizing stuff. BUT at the same time I'm very grateful that he does way more than his fair share since I can barely even put my own pants on these days 
  • To the poster re: vinegar.  It doesn't clean the way bleach does.  I've tried it in the kitchen and found it left my kitchen dirty and smelling like vinegar :( 


    The cat box is the worst because he doesn't do it nearly as often as I ask and then he gets mad when the cat goes outside her box (which she'll do if you aren't vigilant.)  


    The other part that drives me nuts is any system I use to try to help out/get us more organized/clean so that our life is overall easier, such as leaving out a laundry basket in our room so he doesn't even have to walk to a hamper to put his laundry in, he refuses to ever use.  Instead, he leaves his clothing:

    -hanging on our stair banisters

    -draped over our couch 

    -stacked on top of the bookcase (because he didn't want his pants to get dirty so he stuck them up there.  They were there for a month before I had to climb up on the bench to reach them because I'm only 5'2 and I can't reach the top of the bookcase.  Then he yells at me for climbing up. 

    -piled on top of his dresser so that he can't actually use the valise organizer I got him, which means he leaves his keys, wallet, phone, etc. everywhere and can never find them.

    I don't know why men are wired like this, but I do know he was raised by wolves, so there's that. 

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