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Breech Baby. Version Scheduled.

Anyone else have a breech baby? I am 37 weeks and 1 day and found out this morning in our ultrasound that our little man is butt down. We have an appt tomorrow to meet with a specialist to discuss attempting a version on Wednesday. Anyone else have any experience with a version? My initial thought has been not to try and turn him but we have decided to make an appt to discuss with specialist before making our decision.


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Re: Breech Baby. Version Scheduled.

  • Our baby has been breech for several weeks now and I actually have a C-section schedueld for February 8th in the event he/she does not turn between now and then.

    At my last appointment I asked about doing a version and was told they typically only try it at the very end of the pregnancy and will only do it at the hospital.  My doctor told me that the risk of inducing labor with the version is somewhat high as well as other things that can happen, so they want you at the hospital.  Not sure if we'll try it or not.

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  • Yes, my baby is breech I am 35 weeks. Some people say it still has time to turn but my doctor doesn't think the baby will because of my anterior placenta. She also said a version was not an option for me because of my placenta. So here's to hoping the baby turns! 


    It's weird to think even if I do have a c-section the baby is still coming out the wrong way! 

  • My baby isnt breech, but is posterior. There are some exercises and movements you can try to encourage the baby to move. My midwife didnt seem that concerned and said to give it time.


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  • I've heard they're pretty painful...as anti-csection as I am I still think I'd say no to the version.  I'm very ....uncooperative....when it comes to painful procedures though.  I don't think I'd be able to handle it.

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  • I'll be 36 weeks wednesday and LO was breech at my last appointment. Im hoping and praying he will turn on his own. Im terrified to get a csection and DH is pretty against me trying a version. The more I look into them the more I worry, success rate is 65 percent and im not sure if thats worth the pain and discomfort that comes with getting it done. But i don't know anyone who has got it done either, so I don't have anyone's experience to go by. I hope both our babies turn on their own, and soon!
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  • DD was breech, we tried a version, it didn't work. I wouldn't recommend it, especially this late in the game. It's not super comfortable and the success rate is not great, especially at 37+ weeks.
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  • My babe is breech also, although it was expected (I have uterus didelphys and the baby usually gets stuck breech fairly early and eliminates the option of a version), but I was still hoping this one might not get stuck that way. I have one friend who did a version around 36 weeks. She was in the hospital for the procedure and said it was definitely uncomfortable, but it was successful and she was able to deliver vaginally a couple of weeks later.
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  • Maybe you should see a chiropractor! There are certain ones who are trained in the Webster technique which is supposed to help the baby turn. 
  • At my last us my baby was breech but I think she has moved since I can hear her hb in the llq of my abdomen. My doctor said that she would check again later to see if she turned. I hope I don't have to have a cs because I'm already very high risk  

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  • My ds was breech for almost the whole time. I decided to do the version at about 37 weeks and yes painful but after three tries and only a few minutes he turned and I had a successful vaginal birth at 41 weeks. I do recommend if you want a vaginal birth but obviously risks are involved. Good luck!!
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  • Lurking here...

    I had a successful version with my son (first pregnancy) at 37 weeks. He was breech most of my pregnancy. I felt pretty strongly about not having a c-section if there was something I could try to prevent it. My dr has a very good track record of flipping babies and I was completely comfortable with him performing it. The actual flipping of my son took about 30 seconds. I would say it was more uncomfortable and scary than it was painful. 

    There are risks involved, but everything (including c-sections) have risks involved. I didn't feel that the risks were high enough for this procedure to not do it and sign myself up for a c-section. 

    Good luck with whatever you choose!  

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  • My baby was frank breech. I was planning on calling the dr. to schedule a version last wednesday...instead I came home from taking my kids to school and started leaking fluid. So I ended up having a c-section that day (at 36 wks +4). Her butt had a bruise around it from where she was stuck in my pelvis so I don't think a version would have turned her anyway, I was on the fence about it. But they will do an ultrasound first to see the baby's positioning. It might work for you...I was concerned abour cord issues, not knowing if it was around her neck or something, but I guess they look at all that in the ultrasound beforehand?


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  • thanks everyone! we met with the specialist and after discussing the pros and cons with her decided not to go ahead with the version. she said there was only a 50% chance it would work for us and after considering the risks involved (and the pain) we decided against it. so...we have a c-section scheduled for 1/31/13!! 2 weeks from today! can't wait to meet our little man.
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