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Low fluid at 5 months

At my 20 week ultrasound the doctor said everything was normal except my amniotic fluid levels and even though this is my 2nd child i never delt with this in my 1st pregnancy. I so nervous because the doctor said they might have to induce before the baby is full term and that the baby might not grow right because of fluid levels or could have health problems i get another ultrasound next week but my main concern is what if the baby doesnt make it? Im just wonderunf if there is anyone that i going throug this or has before ?

Re: Low fluid at 5 months

  • Are you getting a minimum of 80-120oz of water a day? Dehydration can affect your fluid levels. Try to stay hydrated over this next week to see if it helps.
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  • I had low fluid with my last 2 pregnancies the fluid levels ranged from 10 to almost nothing.  Did they tell you where your numbers were at? 

    Once mine got to 5 or below then I was sent to the hospital for IV fluids or after 36 weeks they would induce.  I ended up being induced with DS2 once they noticed he had basically no fluid at 38 weeks.  I also have IUGR with the oligohydrominos.


    Drink lots and lots of water and take it easy. 

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  • Like other PP's say, drink lots of water.  Prayers your levels improve.
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