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Birthing Classes Question for STM's

I am curious if STM feel the birthing classes are really helpful and beneficial just out of curiousity...I have spoken with some friends who said looking back it didn't do much for them when actually giving birth...It costs $100, so I was just wondering what you all thought of the classes.  The breastfeeding course is free and you can still do the tour.

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Re: Birthing Classes Question for STM's

  • I think it depends on what you are trying to get out of it.  I didn't think it was that helpful my first time but I am taking another and it is more geared to natural childbirth.  I would recommend a tour but if you aren't planning natural, then you probably don't need a 'birthing' class.
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  • I didn't take any classes the first time around. I read a book and watched a video. :) I didn't miss them at all, and was still able to have a med-free/natural L&D. I would recommend taking an infant safety/CPR class though.
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  • in my personal opinion it didn't do much for me once the time came, i would spend $100 on it, some people feel it is worth it if they aren't very knowledgeable about the L&D process
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  • I didn't feel mine were beneficial but the lamaze was included as part of an all day Saturday class that covered other aspects of baby care - bathing, diapering, what to buy, etc.  Looking back, I would not have taken the advanced lamaze and really the breastfeeding basics I picked up from books before I had the class.  I also went to a pets & babies class - but it really was mostly common sense stuff.

    This time we are just taking a sibling preparation class - it should be interesting with DD. 

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  • I didn't learn anything but DH learned a lot. It was worth it for that. I highly recommend an infant CPR and choking class. 

  • I am a first time mom, but I just went to the class this weekend. I knew most of the information from reading and research, but still found it helpful to hear specifics about the hospital I will be at.  

    I found it most beneficial for DH, i think it was good to hear and see all the stuff about birth and what to expect other than just me giving him info. He was glad he went as well.  

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  • Mine was useful because it was specific to the OB/MW practice and the hospital they deliver at.  If it were just the L&D process, I don't think it would have been that helpful, but it covered the typical procedures and routines they used.
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  • Dh and I went to a Saturday class at the hospital we'll be delivering at.  I didn't gain much from it since this will be my 3rd, but since this is dh's first, he learned quite a bit, especially about his role as labor coach.  In that sense, it was well worth the $65 cost of the class.

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  • I'm a FTM but took the class oveer the weekend with hubby. It was soooooo worth it to me! I had a lot of people say it would be a waste of time but it really wasn't for me. At first I thought it would be more for hubby but I personally learned a lot and am so glad we went! Also I made some new friends! One couple are expecting a boy (like us) on our same due date AND she is also 36 like me! They also live about 3 minutes away from us! I say it's well worth the money, but that's just my experience.  
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