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does anyone have prenatal vitamins Q's?

We will be TTC #2 in 2 months so I just started back on prenatals yesterday. I grabbed some at the store since I had a GC but its only a 6 week supply and then I will need a lot more after that! I tried looking for printable Q's online but all the ones I found had already long expired.

Do any of you have any Q's lying around? Brand does not matter to me. I would be more than happy to swap formula checks for some of these types of Q's if anyone has any.

Or another question is, where could I find printable ones? Anyone know?

I would love some helpful tips if any of you have any! Last time around I just got a big thing of Nature Made I think it was and one container lasted 6 months...if I can't find a better option I may do that again but I really like the ones that are either gummies or soft gels and I don't think Nature Made has those (or at least, when I took them before they didn't, unless things have changed!?).

Thanks in advance!:) 

Re: does anyone have prenatal vitamins Q's?

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