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DH more excited than I am.

I'm so thankful to have such a supportive DH.

I kinda think he was jealous that he couldn't come to the shower the other night :P

The next day, we both worked, and after I got home, he wanted to have a serious talk about what else we needed to get for the baby that we didn't get at the shower. Then he wanted to go work on the nursery some more. So, up we went. I was pretty tired so I sat in the rocking chair and he sat on the floor and organized the clothes we got.


Here he is. Sorting through tiny pink clothes. Asking questions like, whats the difference between a 3 month onesie and a 3-6 month onesie? Is the 3 monther exclusively 3 months? I had to explain to him that those numbers don't matter too much, and we would have to see what she fits in when she gets here.

Then he grabs the baby wipes out of a bag, and says what are these for? I said, cleaning off her bum when she poops/pees. He said, oh, I thought you just used toilet paper...

He's totally on top of the cloth diapering thing. Researching and testing them out.  

I'm thankful to have him. He has asked questions and stayed interested this whole time. He read what to expect when you're expecting. I did not. We are both reading the book on sleep schedules we picked out. I really thought he would have no clue what to do, and leave it that way, but he is doing everything he can to educate himself before she gets here. He is pretty pumped for prenatal class too.

We got married when I was 21 and he was 20. When you're that young, it feels kind of like you're still just an older teenager. This whole process has made me view my husband as a dependable man, not just my best friend and husband. <3

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Re: DH more excited than I am.

  • When we were expecting our first my SO was like that. He had already had a little boy years before hand, but had not seen him since he was 18 months.(It was killing him) So after the baby shower, he had to be the one to go through all the things we recieved. He was involved with my mom on secret baby items that she was finding, and would take him with her to get. He loved every minute of it. He has been working a lot this time around, and I have been put on leave, so I do all the washing and putting away of things, but when we go to shop for our DS1, SO has to look for cute little outfits for LO. I love to see excited daddy's. My oldest brother is just as bad. He has 2 girls, 9 and 10, but when I had DS1, I swear he would bring something new home for him nearly every week. Weather it be clothing or toys. He would leave work durring the day to go shopping and go back to work.  
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  • That's really sweet! My DH and I have each taken on different projects to get ready for the baby - we bought our super duper camera baby monitor and baby gates over the weekend and DH got out the tools to put together the baby gates and loved playing with the baby monitor (he is such a tech guy). I love seeing him involved and excited about becoming a dad! Our roles as the mom are pretty defined (carry the baby, give birth, breastfeed if we choose), it's harder for dads to get involved and it makes me so happy to see DH "jump in" to baby things.
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  • Very sweet and such a cute pic! Love the wall color in there too, looks like a great nursery!



  • That's precious.  I love seeing my DH get so excited about the baby too!  He organized most of her closet the other day while I was taking a nap.  I didn't even know he had done it until I went in to start on it while he was changing the oil in my car, and it was already almost done.  Sounds like your DH is going to be a great dad :)
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  • I'm gonna blame this on my hormones....but I totally teared up reading this post! 
    That is so incredibly sweet & so awesome that he is so involved and so excited. I am really happy for you & I don't even "know" you! :) 
    It is so amazing to see the change when a man goes from your husband to a DAD, I am just soooo excited about seeing my DH hold our LO for the first time!! I'm getting all sappy over here :)


  • Awwww, that pic is so sweet! This being our second go at this parent thing, we're just tired. ;) My DH is definitely more excited than me though. He's so excited to have "another tiny blob" he says. I'm just ready to have unbroken ribs and the ability to breathe back...
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