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Waking up on stomach... And screams! Help!

So the title pretty much sums it up. My 8 month old wakes up 3-4 times a night on his belly and screams, we go in, turn him back on his side and he's back to sleep. Do we let him cry when he's on his belly? Does he not like sleeping on his belly or is he just not used to it? All suggestions or comments are welcome. TIA!


Re: Waking up on stomach... And screams! Help!

  • This happened to us when DS first learned to roll onto his belly. It took a week or two but now he is used to sleeping on his belly and actually prefers it.
  • This is our LO exactly!  It's going on 3 weeks now.  I really miss my sleep.  IM hoping it ends and also considering letting him cry it out.  Would love some ideas


    Good luck! 

  • I just posted about DS not sleeping partly for this reason (see "Not Sleeping" post a bit below on the page).  It is SO frustrating.  We've tried letting him cry...he just gets more amped up.  I feel your pain.  DS currently wakes anywhere from 4-8 times a night.  It is miserable.
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