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Coming to join you!

I got my BFP this morning.  EDD is September 18th!  I'll give you a little background on me.  I am a full time student starting nursing school in the fall (thats going to be tricky now but I'm up for it), DH is in the military, and we have one child already, a boy.  We have been TTC for 12 months and were so happy to get our BFP this month.  I'm excited to get to know you ladies! 

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TCC #1: 12/01/2010
BFP #1: 2/08/2011--EDD 10/21/2011--Beautiful Baby Boy Born 10/13/2011
TCC #2 01/01/2012
Cyst found in left ovary 11/10/2012 during ER visit for serve pain
Ultrasound conducted on 12/03/2012
GYN follow up 12/11/12 Suggested another 6 months of TTC before referral to RE around 5/01/2013.
No need for RE!!!! After 12 months I'm pregnant!
BFP #2: 1/13/2013 EDD: 09/25/2013

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