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Exercise post partum

Just wondering how everyone is doing exercise wise? I'm 5 weeks pp and just got back into it the last week or so. I feel great. Bleeding has stopped I had no tearing or issues at all. I'm wanting to do a ripped class tonight. Wondering if it may be to early or if I should just go on how I feel?
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Re: Exercise post partum

  • I was told no exercise until after my 6 week appt, if cleared by the dr. But I had a c section, maybe its diff for vaginal birth?
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  • I had a csection and my doctor told me to stick to walking until 8 to 12 weeks pp
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    Listen to your body- if you feel good I'd say go ahead. I have been working out for weeks (baby is 5.5 weeks old) and have just done what feels good. I did the same with my first son, mentally it is great to feel "back to normal."
  • I had a c-section and my OB encouraged to start working out 4 -6 weeks after. They caution against rigerous core work outs. the harder you get back to it, closer to the 2 week post op... the higher the likelihood of popping a stitch you are.

    Squats,, leg lifts and resistance bands are freat return... 3 sets of 10... every other day... drink lots of water

  • I had a c-section 6 weeks ago and I've been running for a couple days now. I was active all but a couple months of my pregnancy and have had a great recovery. Just listen to your body! :)
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  • I'd listen to your body. That being said a "ripped class" sounds intense. You may want to start with something a bit more chill and see how your feel after :) If your body responds well, go from there. 
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