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When did your LO start crawling?

Did it happen all of a sudden?  Or was he really close for a while?  LO is 8 months old and has only gotten up on all fours by himself a few times.  I'm starting to worry he is way behind and something might be wrong.  He also didn't sit up alone until 6.5 months.  And he is no where close to getting into sitting position from laying down.  FTM and super stressed

Re: When did your LO start crawling?

  • Crawling isn't even considered a developmental milestone anymore because so many babies skip it and go straight to walking (around a year for walking). 

    My LO is almost 8 months old and doesn't crawl forwards yet. She can scoot backwards but I don't think she does it on purpose. She has gotten onto all fours twice and falls quickly.  

    As long as LO shows interest in mobility - in our case this means spinning on her tummy or scooting on her butt - I think it is developmentally in the normal range. Some babies don't crawl until 10mo and others skip it.

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  • DS started crawling backwards at 8 months and just yesterday started going forward.


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  • LO is 7 months and has been doing the army crawl for about a few weeks now. He started to rock on all fours recently..... But, yes according to my pedi as the pp said, crawling is not considered a developmental milestone...all babies develop at their own rate...
  • No worries here. Our LO is 8mths and he's been rocking back and forth for a few weeks now. He can scoot backwards but hasn't mastered the hands and knees yet. And he can't put himself back up from sitting and falling either. I wouldn't worry about it too much yet.

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  • DS is 9 1/2 months old. He is not crawling or army crawling. He can however roll across a room. And just today pulled himself up to standing by himself (we have been assisting him for a while) NO WAY is your LO behind in any way. Especially if you are a stay at home mom (is that what FTM is? full time?) Day care kids gotta keep up with others. Stay at home kids are learning fine motor skills sooner than gross motor skills. Again I'm at 9 1/2 months. Just had a 9 month appointment. I'm not worried and neither is my doctor.

    And he is also rocking a lot, faceplanting a little too. Getting up on those hands when he's on his tummy, but not on his knees. I haven't baby proofed yet anyway!

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  • Personally; my guy just started crawling on hands and knees at 7.5 months.  However a baby at daycare is 10 months and not crawling  She doesn't even get up on all four.  I have a friend who's baby didn't start crawling till almost a year and she's totally fine.  There's a pretty wide range for normal when it comes to crawling.

  • Our LO never did all fours really, he would be sitting and then lean forward which eventually turned into crawling but started a week after 8 months.
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  • DS is 7 months and started crawling officially last weekend. Before he would just scoot.
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  • A little over 6 months for crawling but just yesterday sat up all by herself and she'll be 7 months on the 20th. 
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  • DS was up on all fours at 5 months, rocking and lunging forward at 5.5 months, and crawling at 6 months. He is quick too. He pulls up to standing and can move down the furniture a few steps. He's pretty much all over the place. Every baby grows and develops at their own pace.



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  • I wouldn't worry about crawling. DS never really did crawl. He was cruising from about 7/8 months and walking at 10 months. DD appears to be the same way. She sits unassisted, tried to pull to sitting position when laying or pulls to standing when sitting and scoots backwards or in circles when on her tummy.
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  • You have years and years ahead of you to worry about important stuff so don't sweat this! My son didn't crawl until he was a little over 9 months old. I was in a hurry for him to do it and now I wish he couldn't because you cannot stop him! :)
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  • image kbruington:
    You have years and years ahead of you to worry about important stuff so don't sweat this! My son didn't crawl until he was a little over 9 months old. I was in a hurry for him to do it and now I wish he couldn't because you cannot stop him! :)


    This is exactly how I feel about it. My son is 8 months and isn't crawling yet, but we have a friend who's son is 1 month older and started around 7.5 months. They are so close in age and we see them a lot, so it's hard not to compare them sometimes even when we know we shouldn't because they all develop differently. Anyway while she is chasing her son all over the place, I can still sit and have a conversation with the adults while my son plays nicely in the spot I set him down at. While I want him to crawl, I also still enjoy not having to worry about what he is getting into while I'm not looking. My friend says she now has to take her son into the bathroom with her because she can't leave him for 1 second without him getting into something, so I am grateful for now that I don't have to worry about it yet, because I know it's coming soon!

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  • Rocking on hands and knees at 6 months.  Started going forward around 6.5 months.  Decent by 7 months.  Speed demon by 7.5 months
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