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Cord blood banking

Do you guys recommend it?! I asked around the nurses here while im on bedrest in the hospital...and planning to ask my doc too...i started the research and all that stuff about cord blood bank but still undecisive about it.... How about moms out there?

Re: Cord blood banking

  • Financially it's not an option for us so we decided to donate it.  My OB asked us at my last appt and was relieved to hear we weren't planning to keep it because he really doesn't think there is enough reason to right now.  He rattled off some odds that I don't remember but they made me feel better about it not being an option for us.  
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  • I'm not doing it. Found this post on Lucie's List very informative: http://articles.lucieslist.com/truthsaboutcordbloodbanking
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  • I hope to donate as well.  I have to find out more info about doing it though.

    My fear is that the technology isn't there yet to save the cord blood long enough to be usable if/when I need it, or the company will be out of business by that time.  Hopefully if I pay it forward by donating, somebody else's donation can help me out if needed. 

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  • Odds of needing it or using it are way to slim for the cost - there are other alternatives to help a sick child.
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  • I'm a FTM and when I initially heard about cord blood banking I thought it was a no-brainer - of course we would do it... then I started to research, come to find out the private cord blood banks list a ton of genetic diseases on their websites that could be treated with cord blood... but the problem is that if your baby had a genetic disease, their own cord blood wouldn't be effective in fighting it (a better case would be a sibling being able to use it).  

     I just wasn't convinced after doing all the research that it was worth the investment.  Instead we plan to donate to a public bank and hope that maybe our baby's cord blood could help heal someone else in need. 

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  • image jesslynfaith:

     but the problem is that if your baby had a genetic disease, their own cord blood wouldn't be effective in fighting it (a better case would be a sibling being able to use it).  

    exactly. plus other family members only have a 25% chance of being a match (so likely can't use it). the amount they get is so minimul that often not enough for a small child let alone an adult.

    I would donate if it was an option. Unfortunately, a public cord bank won't be up and running where I live for another 2yrs


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  • We banked ODS cord blood. ALS runs in the family as does cancer, so we thought why not try. We do not have the money to bank this time, and we figure we already have some. We are going to talk to our doc about the possiblity of donating. I think that it is up to you and you family on the decision of whether it is for you or not. There will be a lot of conflicting thoughts on this, and you never know if a website is actually telling the truth or not.
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  • maze cord blood laboratories net cost is $599. you should  cut and paste this link to learn more http://www.mazecordblood.com/cordblood-cost.php and they dont charge a yearly fee which is usually about $200+++

    joyce@mazelabs.com www.mazecordblood.com
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