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Update: Poop problems

So, we have been doing everything in the book to help him do the deed. We have done the warm cotton ball, Q-tip w/vasoline, less formula/more water in his bottles, bicycle legs, and when all else fails and he continues to scream for hours we result to using glycerin. He has gone about every other day but we have had to help him the past 2 times with the glycerin. But, we dont want him to rely on us to use the glycerin to help him poop. 

I dont know what we need to do or what might be wrong that is causing this. I placed a call into the Children's Mercy Nurse line to see if they have any ideas..


Do any of you have this problem with your LO?? I just hate seeing him in pain and we are literally trying everything in the book. 

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Re: Update: Poop problems

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