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We're booking tickets for a vacation this summer. Babes will be 3 mos at a minimum (we have travel insurance in case anything changes our plans). My parents will be coming with us to help out. It's a 13 hour flight. 

I know that we can't have two babies in a two seat aisle because of the oxygen mask issue, so our plan was to do front and back seats. 

The plane set up is: seats A, B, aisle, C,D,E,F,G aisle, H, I

My mom & I in row 22 seats A &B, DH & my dad in row 23 seats A&B. DH will take a baby and I'll take a baby. 

We wanted the window/aisle (a/b) combo so that someone can possibly sleep against the wall, or I can nurse in the window seat (more privacy?), and someone always has access to an aisle for walking (baby, or themselves). 

Is that an ideal setup? Will we at any point be able to sit with both babies in the same row? I realize that may ultimately depend on flight attendants. 

They still put whiskey in babies bottles to help them sleep, right? Or is it brandy? (kidding. Clearly it's rum)



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Re: Air travel question

  • I recently flew on Jetblue and they let DH and I both sit in isle seats across the row from each other. I was surprised how well my boys did- I nursed one and DH gave the other a bottle of pumped milk during takeoff and landing- it worked really well and the babies didn't seem to be affected by the change in pressure. I found nursing a bit awkward because there was a guy sitting inches from me, but I did what I had to do. One thing you may want to do is strap the babies to you- we took the stroller to the gate, but checked as soon as we got there so once we were able to board, the stroller was already taken care of and we walked onto the flight without having to mess with collapsing everything while people were trying to get by. GL.
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  • With aisles set up that way, it is unlikely you'd get to sit together unless the middle row c through g is virtually unoccupied. We flew in sept and on two of our four flight there was a row of three seats, so four air masks, where we got to sit together because no one was sitting there...but a,b seats means 3 air masks...if that makes sense.
    Nursing is key, or bottles to help with ear pressure. I liked windows the best for that. GL!
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  • I think it sounds like a good setup. We've flown several times with our twins and we've sometimes been front to back and sometimes in seats B and C aisle and aisle of a fouracross plane. We've never been on a plane as big as yours with the boys. We've found that both arrangements work fine.

    Good luck. That's a long flight, but at 3ish months they'll probably sleep a lot and be happy to be held.
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  • We haven't flown yet but are in two weeks.  We are flying with DH's parents and siblings so lots of help.  DH and I are sitting in aisle seats across from each other and each of his parents will have a seat next to us to help.  I figured and aisle across from each other would help if we needed to pass a baby to each other or needed something from the diaper bag, etc.  I would have liked to get bulkhead seats since there would be more room in front of us but MIL purchased the tickets and won't call to see if we can get those seats (we do have status, she just won't make the call to ask).

    On Amazon, there is a book written by the Lucie's List lady: Flying with Baby.  You can get it for a Kindle or Kindle App.  I just got it today and what I've read so far has been helpful Smile 


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  • Can you try getting the bulkhead seats with the bassinets?
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