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Polish or un-polish??

Hey ladies, so im at the salon this weekend & this lady (who i dont even know bty) says "why r u polishing you nails & toes, the nurses will take that off you, you look like your about to pop n e day now"

So im here thinking she need to mind her business & stay outta mine. N e ways ladies is this true? No nail or toe polish while in labour?  

Happy to be a mom :)

Re: Polish or un-polish??

  • I've never heard this, I highly doubt that's true.
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  • My friend who had a scheduled c-section had polish on her fingers and the nurses took it off.

    I always have polish on my toes though and I don't plan to take them off.

    That all said, it's none of the strangers business to make such comments!!

  • Not true. I had my nails done the week I delivered my son and they could care less. Also if it is on your toes they would never know if you are wearing socks during delivery. Not sure about for a section.
  • I've never been allowed to have nail polish on during surgery, but toenail polish has been fine.  Even when I had surgery on my feet.

    The reason they don't allow it on your nails is because the oxygen monitor goes on your fingers.  The reading isn't impacted, but your finger tips are the first thing to lose color or go blue if your oxygen levels are low.  They can glance at your fingers and get a good idea of how well your circulation is.

    So if you're having a c-section I would go in with unpainted nails.  

    Either way, definitely paint those toes!  :) 

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  • CloudBee is right. They may take it off of your fingers.. Atleast one of them, for the pulse ox. The toes though... I'm sure the nurses don't care about.
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  • They may take it off your fingers, esp. if you have a csection. Need to get a good reading on your pulse ox. for vital signs. Toes should be safe : depends on the hospital and the staff...but if you have surgery, all bets are off. I say if it makes you feel pampered, get the man/pedi :
  • Sounds like she did need to mind her own business.  If you're due in March, it shouldn't matter anyway.

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  • I had a section and had polish on my toes that wasn't removed.  
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  • I've never heard of such a thing.  I think that lady is crazy.
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  • If they need to put the pulse-ox thing on your finger for anything, then you can't have polish on.

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  • Our hospital has a sheet in the pre admit package that states they have a no polish policy for c sections

    Doesn't matter for a regular delivery though, but if you were to have a c section they will remove polish
    I got mine done anyways and never had an issue, but I delivered vaginalky
  • Yea I got a mani and pedi the day before I went into labor (worked out nicely lol). They didn't remove anything even though I did have one of those monitors on my finger. I guess they may have if I had a c section.

     Either way....that wouldn't stop me from painting my nails. If the nurses need to remove polish from one finger or all of them then they can do what they got to do.

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  • They will most likely only take the polish off of one finger or one toe.  I am having them use my own polish and then it will go in the go bag.  If I have to have a section then I can just put the polish back on after I no longer need pulse ox montoring.  My hospital offers mani/pedi services so I can use that if I really want to afterwards.

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