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bath time question

bath time question

When do you bathe lo and where do you bathe lo?  I usually give baths during the day to whoever isn't napping.  And I do it in the little bath tub over the kitchen sink. Bed time is so crazy for me.  I'm at my most tired, plus it can be challenging to get both babies to sleep by myself.  DH works a lot of evenings.  We have had non stop company since they have been born who are using what will someday be the baby's bathroom, so I haven't attempted to do it there.  In 3 more weeks our long term company will be gone (YAY, but that's for another post) and I want to start giving baths upstairs before bed at least every other day.  Just curious what everyone else does.


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Re: bath time question

  • We bathe Alice in her bathtub set inside the big tub.  We have a showerhead that can reach down to her so we can wash her hair easily.  It's a great setup for us!

    ETA:  We bathe her every other day, around 6:30 or so.


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  • We do bathtime every night at 8. I still use the baby bathtub in the kitchen sink. It has become part of his nightly routine so we try not to skip it. Bath, Feed, Cuddles then bed....
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  • We do it about 9 to get her ready for bed. I have her little tub on a towel on our dining room table. My back can't handle it in the big tub just yet and my kitchen sink is weird and the tub doesn't fit.
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  • These babies get bathed once a week. It's all I can manage. We bathe them whenever we can. We're in survival mode. 

    For DS1, we bathed him every night in the evening as part of a bedtime routine. My how things have changed...  

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  • We were doing it before bedtime for a while, but bathing DS seems to jazz him up.  Plus it's hard to squeeze in bath time between our dinner time and DS's bedtime.  So a couple of weeks ago I switched bath time to mid-morning, after DS wakes up and nurses.  Since I'm SAHM, it's not inconvenient for me, and it frees up our evenings.  I bathe him 3x week (Sun, Tue or Wed, Fri).

    We have FP Tub of a Whale, and we put that inside the regular bathtub in our guest bathroom. 

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  • I bathe him around mid morning right after his bottle then he naps. He has a baby tub that I put in the big tub.
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  • I bring the baby in the shower with me. He has a little shower recliner for him that he sits in while I wash myself and then I get down and soap him up, pick him up to rinse him. He hated the bath tub but loves the shower, tho it has the tendency to make him sleepy, so I try to bathe him before a nap, either morning or evening. 

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  • We do bath each night as part of bed time routine around 7ish. Use soap every other day. Baby tub goes in the big tub. DH does it. He screams when I do it. I suck at bath time.

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  • Around 630 as part of bedtime routine. We use the baby bathtub set on the bathroom floor.


  • We do it as part of his bedtime routine every night. We have the whale tub that we set inside the big tub. He loves to take his bath. He insists on holding the wash cloth, so we have started using two.

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  • He loves bath time and it calms him down. We bathe him every other night between 7 and 8, then feed him and put him down to sleep.
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  • We bathe Emily in the baby bath on the kitchen table. It's the perfect height for us. We bathe her every or every other day, and wash her hair about once a week.
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  • I do bathtime in our big tub, but we have a detachable shower head. I will lay a folded towel down on the floor of the tub. I didn't really want to buy a baby bathtub.

    I will usually bathe her a couple times a week. We don't have any type of set schedule, but she tends to take good naps on days she gets a bath, so if there is something I important I need to do, I plan it for that day.

    If she didn't sleep well at night, I would probably make it part of our evening routine.


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  • We have a little bath tub we set up in the big bath. We bathe him every day, but only every other day does he get soap. We've been doing it at 8:30 to start his bedtime routine. This week we are going to move his bed time up since we have been having to wake him up for his bedtime routine anyway. 
  • Almost every night now as part of bedtime at around 8. We have bath chair for the big tub he is too long for his baby bath but because of glass doors one of us gets in with him:. He loves it!
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  • We do baths twice a week.  Would love to do no soap baths every night, but with twins it is too difficult!  We give the baths right before the last bottle of the night, so around 6pm.  DH helps... I get the bath ready (we use a baby sponge that one lays on in our bathtub) and DH undresses one and hands her over to me.  I give the bath and DH takes her and feeds her while I bath baby #2, then I feed baby #2.  Then it is bedtime for babies.
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