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These winter months are getting long not getting out much. I am so looking forward to walks in the spring and getting out more in the summer. For those who have older preemies, how do your summers differ from your winters as far as getting out? Obviously we'll still be diligent about hand washing and keeping sick people away, but do you still take your LO's to the park, storytimes, pool, the zoo and other places lots of kids are during the months when RSV isn't a huge risk? I know walks and being outside is fine, but as far as places lots of kids will be, what is your experience? I still want to protect my son as much as possible, but I want to do all these fun things with him this summer! Thoughts?
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  • I don't have any advice as my babies are younger than yours, but we are looking forward to going outside of the house more!  Can't wait for warmer weather to get here.
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  • Yep, we do take her to lots of other places, have GTGs/more play dates, etc.  I still make sure we sanitize after certain activities and whatnot, especially if we're in a place that has the potential to be "germier" (like a children's museum), and as long as the weather isn't super hot we try to do some stuff outside.

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  • DD was born in march of last year, as soon as we were clear of Rsv season it went a little later in our area, we were out doing things, walks and short family outings by late summer we were doing more like library time and music classes, we stopped at the beginning of Rsv and will go back again after... We can't wait for this yucky germy season to be over! Hang in there mamas!!
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  • Corri was born in March and didn't come home until early May, however, our pedi basically told us by late May to take her out and get her in the fresh air. He even ok'd the mall as of June of that year, and just reminded us to have hand sanitizer and mosquito netting over her stroller to keep out nosy hands. You need to get them out and about a little or they never build an immune system. 

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  • Ask your pedi to be sure because every preemie is different, but we acted very "normal" in the warm weather months.  There were many days I was able to forget all the preemie woes and pretend he was just another baby/toddler playing.  We did story hours, parks, pools, splash pad, zoo, wildlife sanctuary, children's museum, play dates, etc.  It was really a pleasant contrast to our first winter.

    Our second winter has been much better than our first, but now that flu season is upon us, we go out less.  I still take him to story hour, but we leave if anyone is sick and won't be going for a few weeks/months while the flu is hitting our area hard.  We're really sad that we won't be back for a while; DS LOVES story hour!

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