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What funny things is LO doing?

Right now, R is a sneaky Pete!  He LOVES to play with his spoon, so he'll grab my hand with one of his, and try to steal the spoon away with the other.

We don't really let him watch tv much, nor is he really interested in it, but he'll drop everything if the Family Feud is on!

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Re: What funny things is LO doing?

  • Wes is so funny. He got this oversized plush ladybug stuffed animal thing for Christmas from my SIL that I think is supposed to be a chair, but it's not really functional, so he loves running and sort of falling on it face-first, then he bites its nose and humps it. He does it when I ask him where his ladybug is, and if he wants to give his ladybug a kiss.

     He also loves taking the dogs out, which entails me asking if it's time for the doggies to go out, then he gets up and runs to the back door and watches them take a dump in the back yard until it's time for them to come in. He also runs to the back pack n play when I ask him if he's pooped and he needs a fresh diaper. 

    ETA: I also read a book of baby words to him - each page has a bunch of different words with photos of things/objects around a particular theme - bathtime, bedtime, eating, etc. When we get to the bedtime page, there's a photo of a little baby sleeping in a crib, and he took it upon himself to lean in and give that baby a kiss every time we get to that page. It cracks me up because he doesn't want to kiss any of the other babies in the book, only that one, and the baby happens to be Asian. I even got a video of it. I wonder if he's developing a preference early in life... 

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  • Today LBB didn't want to go back to sleep after he woke up early from his nap. We fought a little bit about it, and he rested on me for about 30 minutes, then he played in his crib for another 30. When I went to get him out of his crib, he saw me coming, threw himself down, and pretended to be asleep.


    He demands kisses all the time, especially during meal times.  He makes kissy noises and then leans his head in to be kissed.


    He got a note sent home from school about "pushing his friends with his body."  I asked what that meant and basically he stands next to his friends, and leans backwards into them, so they have to support his weight.

    He wakes up talking lately.  Usually he says something like "ho ho ho" or "tweet tweet."

    His animal noises crack me up.  He gets most right, but if you ask "what does a pig say" he makes a "kcha kcha kcha" noise with the back of his throat since he can't snort.  If you ask what a horse says, he shakes his head, because that's what DH does when he neighs.  And if you ask what a duck says he says "duck duck."

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  • Love all these stories!

    Lily has suddenly decided she needs to share everything with the cats.  So she takes her toys, books, etc. over and puts them between the cats' paws.  She's also given them DH's book and tried to feed them her snacks.

    When she hears someone at the front door, she makes an excited "Ohhhh!" face. Surprise

    She knows a lot of her body parts and will point them out when you ask her "Where's X?" but for some reason every time you ask her where her bum is, she grabs her belly.

    We taught her the sign for eat and she used to do it, but now she makes a "nom nom nom" sound instead.  No idea where she picked it up, and she mostly does it to tell us that the cats are eating.

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  • Levi plays dead, He drops to the floor and lays very still. 

    He tries to stand on his head

    he points in mid air when you ask him a question

    he turns in circles then giggles and falls down

    he claps ,stomps and jumps to happy and you know it

    and..... if you give him a beat he dances and tries to undress himself... I know his future job 

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  • LO likes to give hugs, and sometimes he'll pat us on the back while hugging us like we do when we are comforting him.

    He also laughs like crazy. He will often be laughing so much that he puts his hands on his knees, lean forward, and have his knees slightly bent while standing; a few times he has even rolled down onto the floor laughing so hard.

    After he goes down the slide, he starts clapping. He then looks around to make sure we are all clapping too, and if someone isn't, he'll just stand there clapping and looking at the person until they start clapping too.

    If a sock comes off, he'll hand it to one of us and hold out his foot for the sock to be put back on. Lately though, right as we are about to put it on, he'll quick switch which foot he has out and laughs like it's the funniest thing ever.
  • Grandpa taught DS a "silly face" where he sticks out his tongue and grabs his ears.

    He has started realizing when he is wet/dirty, so I will ask him to grab a diaper.  He grabs a diaper, throws it at me and runs away giggling.  We have to play chase every.single.time.

    DS is obsessed with Incredible Hulk.  We were walking through the toys at Target and he fell in love with a talking hulk doll.  Now, if you ask him "what does Hulk say?"  He throws his hands behind his back, scowls and growls.


    From there to here, and here to there, funny things are everywhere!


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  • DD can wink. She scrunches her nose and actually winks. I wanted to post a link, but haven't been on my laptop in a while. She will cover her mouth and fake cough. My parents have a bean bag and she loves to run and just belly flop on it.  

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  • She has been obsessed with belly buttons recently and tries to pull people's shirts up to look at them. She will usually try to stick her fingers in it and then blow raspberries on your stomach, though she just puts her mouth on it. She cracks herself up doing it.
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  • DD has started saying "Uh Oh". She has very few words, so it cracks me up that this is one of her first. It's especially great when she flings a toy on the ground, looks straight at me, and says it.


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  • Sophie is a dancing fool.  She drops it like it's hot and gets low and spins around. She dances whenever she hears music, even the Jeopardy theme song.

    She has also started giving these really tight around the neck hugs.  I love them.

    I also love it when she "reads."  She doesn't really say any actual words, but she will open up a book and babble away. 

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  • E has gone from chasing the dogs to pull their tails to chasing the dogs to goose them! It's really gross but hilarious at the same time. She runs around, finger pointed, ready to poke! Ick!

    She also puts her head down on the floor to look between her legs. A few times, she has tried to roll over (somersault), but she can't quite make it and rolls sideways.

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  • If you ask her what a butt says she makes a farting noise, she also will make zombie noises for zombie and turkey noises in addition to normal animal noises.  She also calls the dog, bad dog, like it is the dog's name.  
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  • Nora has been learning sign very proficiently, yet I'm always surprised when she pulls out a new sign I didn't know she understood. Lately, she says burrrr and signs cold whenever anyone opens the door, and she signs and says hot when I present her food.

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  • B does downward facing dog! He will be playing with his toys and then just stop everything and gets into position it is so cute and I have yet to catch it on the camera!

    He loves trying to tickle our feet, he runs up touches the bottom of our foot and waits till we laugh. He then giggles and runs away!
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  • DS also dances at the drop of a note. He likes to share his food with me and insists on hand feeding me.
    When he wants food, he will grab my hand and lead me to the kitchen. I will then open the fridge and he will get himself a mom approved snack.

    I love hearing about the other Oct. tots. They all have awesome personalities.
    Penny, the fart noise kills me.
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