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Double Up?

So I posted earlier about my husbands super fear of getting pregnant again before we're ready. Even though we are using TWO forms of BC. We're using the mini pill and condoms. May sound a little over-cautious, but it makes us both feel more comfortable until I'm on the real birth control pill after I stop breastfeeding. So... I am wondering, how many of you are using 2 forms of BC? Are we the only crazy paranoid ones? Haha



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Re: Double Up?

  • nope. well technically, bf and i won't be seeing each other til march but we will still be using condoms. i got mirena.
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  • After DS, my OB told me to use 2 forms of BC for the first few months PP, since we are super fertile then.

    This time, my OB said to just double up until after my first period on the pill.

    DH is getting a vasectomy in March, so soon I won't be on anything. Super huge smiley face!
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  • I'm paranoid as well! Before we had her, we had sex anywhere anytime. Now we are so scared we have only had it a couple of times. I am on the pill and we've used spermicide as well. He even pulled out once because he's nervous as well. We want another one but don't want to get pregnant until G is 2.
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  • Nope. I got the Mirena. My OB told me that in some studies, the Mirena is more effective then getting a tubal.
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  • I don't think there is anything wrong with doubling up when trying to avoid an unplanned pregnancy so soon after birth. 

    My hubby and I have DTD a few times since baby -  EBF and withdrawal - and baby just turned 6weeks. We decided that for future we will also include spermicidal contraceptive film to cut back on chance of pregnancy as well. (he hates condoms, which is fine with me since I'm allergic to latex and I hate the pill, and always miss taking some each month)

    We are thinking of another child, which would be planned for fairly soon (I'm turning 40 soon) but I want to BF for 1 year and get back to prepregnancy body first.  

    You do what ya gotta do... 

  • We are using condoms and birth control pill until my first period, then just the pill.
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  • DH is SUPER paranoid about getting pg again, so eventhough I have the NuvaRing we still use condoms too.

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    ...My hubby and I have DTD a few times since baby nbsp;EBF and withdrawal and baby just turned 6weeks.

    This. BUT I am too freaked out about getting pg, so DH is buying condoms tonight. I will be picking up my prescription for the mini pill next week and we will do both until I start.

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  • No bc for us. Ever.

    You probably think we're crazy for that, just like I think you're crazy... I mean that in the most loving way possible. LoL
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  • image Laura_Elaine:
    No bc for us. Ever. You probably think we're crazy for that, just like I think you're crazy... I mean that in the most loving way possible. LoL

    Can I ask why no bc? And, I don't mean to offend or pry if it's too personal. Just curious if it's a religious belief or personal choice. I am intrigued by this decision. But, feel free to ignore me.

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  • Considering my DH used to pull out even with condoms on (most times), he's surprisingly not as paranoid as I am about it - but I have had horrible reactions to like five different kinds of hormonal bc over the years, so the only choice we have is condoms, which worked for like seven years, so I'm trying to relax a bit about it ~


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