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How do you do your taxes? (Non clicky poll)

So I'm just curious how you file... we've always done Turbo Tax, but I'm starting to wonder if we're missing out on additional refunds this way? Thoughts? Is it worth it to pay someone?


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Re: How do you do your taxes? (Non clicky poll)

  • We use Turbo Tax too and I wonder the same thing. On the other hand, the program asks so many questions that you would think it covers everything well. I guess I just am not sure.
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  • I'm old and lame and do them by hand.  On paper.  And then I mail them in...with a stamped envelope!  Surprise

    I hate taxes and they stress me out, but I feel better about them when I can do them on paper and have my little calculator and notebook next to me for figuring that crap out. 

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  • There's a lady that does ours, and has for the last 7 years, and we never pay more than $100 to get it done.
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  • I'm too afraid to tackle my own taxes since we now have a rental unit and we have an accountant to do them.  I think it was 400.00 and well worth every penny.  We seem to get back more too. 

    We used todo  them on our own.  I would do them by hand the old fashion way and MH would do it online (you don't pay until the end) simultaneously.  At the end if our totals seem to be the same I knew I did the one by hand right and we would file those and not have to pay anything for tax preparation.  This took me entire day.

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  • We use turbo tax too. If you're wondering if you missed something, before you file,  you can take them to H&R block and someone will go through everything for you. They will only charge you if you have them file for you but they can and will tell you if you missed something. We did this the year after we were married because I was moving from one state to another and there was some little issues. It was really helpful.

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  • We used to do turbo tax, but when I was working a 1099 job a couple years back we switched over to an accountant. He's been so good at minimizing what we pay, that we've stayed with him.
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  • Oh man, the thought of doing them on my own gives me anxiety right now! We usually get an ok amount back, but I always wonder if we're missing something ya know? I don't even know where to begin looking for someone if we did pay out!


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  • We've had someone prepare them in the past, but the cost keeps going up and up. last year they charged $350. So this year I am going to try turbo tax that I can get free through our credit union. I guess if I miss a few things I will still be better off than paying $300.

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  • We use an accountant and are very happy with him. He charges about 250. DH is in law enforcement and his deductions are complicated and so we feel more comfortable using an accountant. When I was single I used turbo tax.
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  • We use Turbo Tax. My DH is really good with doing our taxes, and I feel confident we are getting as much back as possible. 

  • I used to do mine online before we were married because my taxes were pretty easy. DH always went to H&R block. We both go there now. DH works in one state and lives in another. He often has a second job. Plus things like his union dues, travel expenses, etc. I'm not comfortable with doing all of that myself. I know I'd miss some deductions. I don't like paying for H&R block, but they do a good job and we always get a pretty large refund. 
  • We use an accountant because we have our own business and it's too complicated to do our own taxes. Now with the new house it's even more complicated so I don't even want to attemp to do it. I manage our personal and business finances using Quickbooks and just give the QB file to our accountant at the end of the year.
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  • I should not be admitting this but many of my tax clients would be fine just using Turbotax (or other tax software).  If you have an uncomplicated return, these programs takes you step by step through the process.  It's really easy and comprehensive.  

    H&R Block is currently running ads about how they constantly see returns with tons of missed deductions.  This is totally a manipulative scare tactic to get you to use them and not used their competitors.  Their preparers are trained, but are not tax experts as they claim.

    If you have a business, rental property, significant investment transactions or other complicated transactions, it is probably worthwhile to have a competent tax professional do your taxes.  If you just have W-2s, some investment income and itemize, you should be fine just getting software.

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  • DH does them but he's an accountant.


  • My mom does all of ours! She uses a software program for it. Before when DH had his own business he had am accountant do it, way too complicated for us to do on our own
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  • image wilsontl19191:
    We use an accountant and are very happy with him. He charges about 250. DH is in law enforcement and his deductions are complicated and so we feel more comfortable using an accountant. When I was single I used turbo tax.

    My BIL is  a police officer and he goes to a special accountant that just deals with police officers.

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  • We started going to an accountant a few years ago when my husband was fishing tournaments and we started writing off fishing stuff.  We still go to her even though now we have pretty basic taxes.  She's pretty expensive (like $350 I think).  I don't really think it's worth it anymore, but MH likes to go to her and I do feel better that I think she's not missing anything and I know everything's being done right.

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  • We used to do Turbotax, but we've used outside resources the last two years. Following both my grandmother's and mother's estates, things became a lot more complicated.

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  • Thanks for making me feel better about going the online route. We're pretty simple filers, so it will work for us still :)


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  • DH does them himself now. We have used an accountant in the past, but it was during the years that H attempted his own business and the year we bought a house.
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  • The past several years I have done them on TaxAct.com.  However, this year I am going to hire someone because I now have my own business and I just don't want to deal with all the complicated tax stuff that comes with it.  This is the first time I have had to hire someone, so it should be interesting.  I feel like I have to do most of the work anyway to prepare all the paperwork/expenses/donations etc anyway, so I may start doing them on my own again.

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  • We do H&R block online software. I think it was about $60 last year for state and federal. We have Canadian investments we have to report, so doing it by hand is a nightmare. Having H&R block do them for us would have been $300, and the software makes it really easy, so I think we'll keep doing what we're doing.
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  • I used either Turbo Tax of H&R Block's online filing program (basically the same thing). I like using H&R Block's website better, though, because I can always log on and reprint anything I need where-ever I am.

    My mom is self-employed and uses Turbo Tax every year without any problems.

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  • We used to do them with a program but one year decided to use a tax dude...he found money we had missed. We now just use him every year an it works out. Our taxes can get confusing as we are not married, SO works in a different state which has different taxes, we have donations, we never know what we have to show when it came to our stocks and everything, etc.
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  • When I worked for a CPA firm, I got to use the fancy software, but our stuff was REALLY straightforward.  Now, DH is a minister, which means self-employed for federal, plus we have AB, and we can deduct certain expenses, so I send our stuff to my account friend and sign where she tells me to.
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