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When did you transition your LO to a toddler bed?

Trying to fig out when I should transition my daughter to a toddler bed..any "signs" that she is ready?
she is def not climbing out of it.


Re: When did you transition your LO to a toddler bed?

  • she's been out of her crib for only a couple months now. and the only reason we moved her was cuz she was climbing out. the transition has been great. i'd wait till she shows you signs or tells you but that JMO.
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  • DD1 moved at 23 months. We had planned to move her at 24 months, but once she saw the bed set up in her new room she decided she wanted to sleep in it and that was that. She was not trying to climb out of the crib, and even now at almost 3 still think she's stuck in it if she climbs in with her sister ;) We moved her so we could use the crib for DD2.
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  • We are skipping the toddler bed, and transitioning her to a full sized bed this weekend. I would've done it sooner, however, she slept so well in her crib, so I figured why move her? 
  • At what age did you make that transition?


    My LO is 23 months now.

  • We moved DS at 22 months when he started climbing out of his crib. He was a perfect sleeper in his crib, but when we put him in a bed he could easily get out of his sleep went to crap. We plan to keep DD in the crib as long as possible. She's tiny so I doubt she will start climbing out any time soon.
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  • My daughter had just turned 2 when we did it. She showed no signs, but I'm short and pregnant and was having trouble getting her in and out, lol. It's easier now because they don't realize the freedom they have, lol. 
  • DD1 switched the week before I had DD2, we needed the crib. So, the week before her second birthday. I didn't even know to look for signs of readiness, and she did fine. Not even a cry when we left her in her room the first night. DH insisted on a rail (which I got rid of about three weeks ago and told DH to suck it), even though the toddler bed was like 6 inches off of the ground. I think it made her feel as though she was still in a crib. She would get up in the morning and play with her stuffed animals, but she would always grab them and run back to bed like she knew we were watching her on the monitor and didn't want to get in trouble for leaving her bed. We have never had a problem with her even trying to leave her room, and its been ten months. GL.

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  • We switched DD1 at 20 months. I wanted her to be in her big girl bed and room for awhile before DD2 was born and moved into the nursery. She loved her new room and bed, but she didn't sleep great in a toddler bed. She fell out a lot. After about 8 months of it, we switched her to a full sized bed and she started sleeping great. So, I think we'll skip the toddler bed for DD2 and just go with a full sized bed to begin with. We'll probably switch her sometime before she turns 2.
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  • We switched from a crib to a full size bed when DD1 was 23 months old. DD1 never once climbed out of her crib. DD2 was due a few months after so we wanted her to be used to hew new bed before we set up the crib for DD2 so she wouldn't get jealous.

    It could not have gone any better to be honest. She never regressed in her sleep, never tried to get out of bed, nothing! It was as if she had been sleeping in it all along and she was so excited! So definitely no jealousy when we put the crib in the nursery for DD2 = ) 

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  • We switched DD1 to a twin mattress on the floor of her new room at 15 months.  Her sister was due in 2 months and we didn't want to buy a 2nd crib.  The transition went great, she cried the first night for about 15 mins and then slept the whole night through on the bed.  She hasn't had a problem since and I am planning on transitioning DD2 at about 15 months as well.  I feel like when you do it sooner like that they don't really know or remember so it isn't as big of a deal. 

    I don't think DD1 even remembers being in the nurser, she just says its DD2's room.  I plan on having them share DD1's room around the time I transition DD2 onto a mattress on the floor.


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  • DD was 16 months.  She had been trying to climb out of her crib.

    She did fine in a big bed from day one. :)

  • DS was a little over 2 when we converted his crib to a toddler bed.
  • This 2 years 3 months. I wanted DD out of her crib just in case I end up having a c/s in a couple of months. The transition has been very smooth.



  • DD1 climbed out at 22 months do we were forced to move her. She went from falling asleep by herself to needing me to lay with her for the next couple years.

    We've been waiting as long as possible with DD2. She's 2.5 years and still happily sleeping in her crib. She'll be 2y8m when her sister is born, but since DD3 will be in a basinet for a few months, we'll have a little more time. She told me at naptime today that she's no longer going to share her crib...
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  • My son never climbed out, nor did he ever try. But, around his 2nd birthday he started crying when it was time for bed. He then started throwing fits and refused to get into the crib. I couldn't figure out what was one night I just let him sleep in a sleeping bag on the floor and he was so happy! That's how he let us know I guess. It's never how I expected it to go. That weekend we went and bought him a twin bed and bedding and he's happy as a lark now.
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  • DS moved to a twin bed (on a frame and box springs) with a rail on one side and wall on the other at 16 months. DD was due a couple months later and the crib stayed set up in his room as we only had a 2 bedroom house at that time. He napped in his crib that afternoon and went to bed that night in the twin with absolutely no issues.

    DD was moved to a full size bed (again on a frame with box springs) around 18 months. She napped in her crib that day and then went to bed in it that night with no issues. The next day she got out of bed during nap and ended up falling asleep on the floor (and we let her)...she hasn't done it since. 

  • My son wasn't showing any signs and loved his crib. I took the front off his crib a couple months before he turned 2 and he did great!!
    He did wake up early but now he's back on schedule. Just do it whenever your ready.
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  • Our lil guy transitioned straight to a twin bed at 23 months. He had been climbing out of his crib off and on since about 18 months old.. 

    With my DS being bigger for his age we didn't get a toddler bed as he would have outgrown it within a couple months. He loves his big boy bed! We got a twin bed and then got bed rails for both sides and he has been sleeping better ever since!

    I would hold off transitioning until she climbs out or outgrows her crib. (Manufacturers recommended weight limit) 

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  • My son wasn't climbing or showing signs of wanting out of his crib but at 18 mos we moved him into a twin bed with rails and he's been fine with it from day one.  We wanted to give him plenty of time to adjust to his big boy room before his lil brother arrived and stole his nursery. 

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