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LO with terrible gas... Offer your tips!

Our LO is 5 weeks and EFF.  I'm unable to BF.  He has terrible gas issues.  When he gets these gas bubbles he fusses and eventually shrieks until he holds his breath for several seconds and then shrieks at an even louder volume.  It's awful.

We've recently switched formulas to one of the "sensitive" types, and that's seemed to help a bit with his gas issues, but he's still having lots of problems.  Just today we've started with a bit of cumin tea mixed in his bottle, but like the Mylicon drops, that does seem to process the gas, but then causes him to have to deal with the gas bubbles immediately.  (Hope that makes sense.)

What are your best tips and tricks for dealing with NB gas???  I'm at an absolute loss as to how to help him.  Does it get any better??? 

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Re: LO with terrible gas... Offer your tips!

  • Have you tried different bottles?  The dropins tend to have fewer gas issues.

  • Tommee Tippee bottles have helped us a lot. Our pediatrician also said to try probiotic drops- we use these It's so hard to see them in pain!
  • Just posted above about this. Try massage/moving the legs to work out the gas. I found some helpful videos on you tube.
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  • Check out the colic massage on YouTube. I would do it during every diape change, after naps or when I felt she was uncomfortable. We also switched fom drop ins to Dr Browns. Colic calm worked better than gas drops but we still put drops in every bottle. Also burp every 5 min. 

    Lillian April 17, 2012
  • My baby had the same issues. I switched to dr brown bottles, started to use gripe water and eventually switched formula. We are now on similac isomil and although he still has some gas it's not as bad as before !
  • My LO has always had gas, but today it was so painful for her and she didn't sleep at all unless she was in my arms, so not a good day for us here. I was using the nursers with drop ins and actually I think that is a big problem as the liners weren't collapsing and she was taking too much air in. So we are using the Ventaire, Dr. Brown's, Similac Simply Smart and Nuk bottles. the Similac and Nuk have a hole at the top to let out some of the air and I know that many people swear by Dr. Brown's. I also gave her gas relief drops and burped her a lot today. I also had her sitting up as I was feeding her and had her sitting up for awhile after feeding. I, too, have gone to the Sensitive formula and that worked out better last week when we started it, so I decided it was time to change up the bottles instead.


    She is now sleeping in her bassinet on her back, so I think the gas isn't as painful. 

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  • We've been trying lots of these tips already.  It looks like we might be in for a few more weeks of gas trouble until his system matures.  Sigh.  Mothering is hard.
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  • I do what I call baby yoga to help my little girl with gas issues. I lay her down on her back with her feet close to me. And put my hands around her thighs and move her legs up and down. When I raise them up her knees stay bent. I put them close to her tummy then let them back down. She likes this and usually kicks her legs straight when I'm letting them back down. She really toots a lot when I do this. It definitely helps let the gas out. I also raise them up the same way, with knees bent and move her legs around in a circle. Then raise them up and put them to the side, hold there for a few seconds then to the other side. There are websites on baby yoga with better explanations. It's supposed to help with the digestive tract.  I remember my first child having trouble with gas too. Mylicon drops never helped. He eventually grew out of it. Their little systems are still growing and maturing so this is one of those issues that babies tend to have. Some worse than others because their body just doesn't work as well as an adults. Good luck to you! 

  • +1 for a probiotic. It did wonders for our LO.
    H.P. Rubblestone 11.02.12
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