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XP- Contrax are back. No point in calling, right?

So I posted here a few weeks ago because I was having contrax and was 50 effaced at 33 weeks (my older DD was born at 36 weeks.) I was told then to take it really easy until 36 weeks. I'm now 35 weeks and some days and have been having contrax on and off for a few hours. Not painful but uncomfortable, and maybe every 7-8 min for the past hour or so.

So, my question is at 35 weeks I'm pretty sure they won't consider stopping labor or doing steroids so there's probably no reason to call the after hour line unless it seems like it turns into active labor, right? Am I missing a reason to call?

FWIW I have every desire to keep baby cooking for at least a few more weeks but I'd rather not go into LD if they wouldn't do anything right now anyway.

Water and lie down, right?

Re: XP- Contrax are back. No point in calling, right?

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