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New to this board.  I'm two weeks away from delivering (via c-section) twins and want to rent a pump at first.  I've heard a lot of great things about the Medela PISA but don't know much about the Medela Lactina.  Any thoughts on it?

My hospital rents out the PISA for $75/month, while a medical supply store nearby rents out the Lactina for the same price.  (Already checked with insurance... they don't cover breast pumps until July).  I was also interested in the Medela Freestyle because it's handfree, but that doesn't seem to be an option for renting.



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Re: Medela Lactina?

  • I have the Medela symphony which is also a hospital grade. I absolutely love it. I have a prescription for it. If you can get a prescription from your doctor, and qualify for wic, I am almost 100 sure they will cover for the rental of the pump. Also, I do know wic will give you a pump if you EBF.
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  • The PISA is NOT a multi user pump so renting it sounds umm odd.  The Lactina is a hospital grade pump so rated for multiple users.  I had one and loved it.  It's an older style pump and you manually adjust for letdown and pump phases (unlike the symphony the newer rental model).  The Freestyle is also a single person pump.  I have it worked great for my work pumping situation (never in the same place not always access to an outlet just overall crapy situation).  I did however have more than my fair share of issues with it.  You can make any pump hands free with a pumping bra (with twins dude get a pumping bra or two it will make you life much better) you just will be tethered to your seat. 


    Are you planning to EP or just looking to pump for a stash/return to work/etc?  If you're going to EP you certainly want a rental grade pump at least to start with.  The Lactina/symphony is a workhorse and a good investment.  If you just need if for occasional pumping then get a PISA or an Ameda Purely Yours but purchase purchase the PISA don't rent.  However the Ameda is a closed system you could rent it or purchase from Craigslist as long as you also got a new kit for it.


    If you goggle Medela deals or coupon codes there are retail outlets that can sell Medela products at greatly reduced rates.  You generally have to email, call or live chat to get the price quote ( they can't advertise it they are wholesalers and Medela wants you to pay the retail price at BRU).  I got my Freestyle for less that 200 dollars this way.  Sealed in packaging with warranty.  Good luck.


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  • Thanks for these tips! 


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  • I am confused about the insurance not covering until July. Is that because you have a new policy? Because it was my understanding that new Obamacare provisions re covering breast pumps went into effect last August. And definitely the hospital grade pump, though I prefer the Symphony to the Lactina because it has 2-phase expression. I have also never heard of renting a PISA. 
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  • I could be wrong about renting the PISA because there was a sign by the that pump in the hospital shop, but the person in charge was busy and I didn't see any other pumps, so I assumed it was that one that was for rent.  I may call to double check.

     I'm a bit confused about the coverage too.  GHI told me I had to wait until NYC's plan renews before it would be covered.  I should call back and try to speaking to someone else and see if I get the same answer.


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