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packing bag

Is it too early to pack my hospital bag?  I'm 30 weeks.  Was going to set aside some time in 2 weeks to get toilitries and clothes together.  Thoughts?
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Re: packing bag

  • Not too early.  I packed my bag at about 27.5 weeks and got admitted to the hospital at 28 weeks. I was SO thankful to have my toiletries and some comfy clothes all packed.  My husband just had to swing by the house and get my bag.  (Yoga pants, tees, toiletries, makeup!!!, spare camera, snacks, etc.)  He also brought my laptop.

    Since being released from the hospital I have slowly been adding items I would want/need for labor/delivery that hadn't yet made it to the bag.  (Nursing bra, etc.)

    We also pcaked a bag for my husband the other day, and threw both bags into my car.  My husband's bag includes sweatpants (for sleeping, and something he would feel comfortable wearing in front of guests vs. pj pants), tee, long sleeved tee, sweatshirt, socks, underwear, toiletries, and snacks.

    In the next week or so we will probably wash some newborn clothes and start throwing those into a bag as well.

    If you want to start packing, GO FOR IT.  It's not something you would ever regret.

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  • I have a small box in the bottom of the baby's closet I've been collecting stuff in. I have nursing cream, lotions, nursing pads and a nursing bra in there so far. I'm high risk and start appts twice a week at 32 weeks, so I plan on having my bag packed by then in case they send me to L&D from the office.


  • Ill probably get my stuff organized at 34 weeks. I had DS at 37 weeks.
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  • I have made a list of items, and started putting things together. Most things I will have to do last minute - toiletries, comfy pants (only have 1 pair) etc.  My friend suggested to put things you want in your crib, so if you do end up needing your mom or friend to pickup stuff at your house, they know where it is.  

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  • I don't even have a checklist yet.  I should probably get on that.
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  • Oh man, I am so hopelessly far behind. I've got the actual bag set out, but that's it. I haven't even thought about what should actually go in it!

  • i have my list made, and have even gathered many of the travel sized toilettries.  i will probably have everything packed within the next two weeks.  i'm the type of person to always plan ahead, though.
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  • I haven't even started mine yet. My hospital has a checklist which is really nice. It has listed what you should bring for yourself, Dh and baby and also what they provide. I really should get on it tho, I so hate not being prepared!!
  • After being sent to L&D at 24 weeks and not knowing if I was having the baby that day and just throwing things in a bag.. I have had a bag packed ever since my husband said its better to be prepared since I'm the only one who will know exactly what I will want with me at the hospital.. And as the weeks go on I still add a few things I think of but the essentials have been in there since 24 weeks. My adviceis definitely   go for it.

  • I am also 30 weeks and I started packing my bag last week when one of my girlfriends gave birth to her twins at only 29 weeks. It freaked me out and I wanted to make sure that my bag is ready to go.
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