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Drugged and fed bologna sandwich


I wanted to post a cautionary tale for everyone because it actually happened to me this weekend and was extremely traumatic.

I am currently 10 weeks pregnant (loving every minute of it). This past weekend I attended a party to celebrate a friend's graduation. Well, I declined alcohol because I'm pregnant and was just sipping out of a Poland Springs water bottle. I put my bottle down, and went to the bathroom. When I returned I continued to drink my drink, thinking that I would just participate in party festivities like listening to music and reminiscing with friends...

I was wrong. The last thing that I rememmber was taking one final, fateful sip of my water... When I came to I was halfway through a bologna sandwich! I was absolutely shocked and horrified and immediately tried to get myself to throw it up because I feared the outcome for my baby.

I went to the hospital an hour later when I got over my initial paralysis and was extremely lucky to learn that the baby was unharmed. They have reported it and a full scale investigation is underway.

This is a warning to always guard your drinks because you never know where evil lurks.


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