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XP: Gates for the stairs?

We are starting to look into baby gates for our stairs. Here is a picture of our stairs:


It has metal poles and a wood top (that is covered by the christmas decorations). The poles are on the skinny side. I'd like a gate for both top and bottom of stairs and something that is going to last and not "fall down" all the time. Please recommend your baby gates for the stairs.


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Re: XP: Gates for the stairs?

  • We have something similar, except the top has metal banisters on both sides.  We got the Kidco Anglemout Safeway.  DH bought two nice wooden posts at the hardware store and U-bolted them onto the banisters, then installed the gate into the posts.  If you don't want to get the supplies yourself Kidco also sells a gate installation kit.

    I'd also note that since the area underneath our banister railings was like yours and I think 8" high we put a piece of wood running the length of it to keep DD from sliding under.  Yours might be a lot shorter and to code (which is 4", I think), but if not it's something to think about.  We have one of those big plastic banister guard sheets, but it wasn't rigid enough to actually prevent anything from going under the banister.  It was just good for solving the head between the banister rails problem (since our banister rails are spaced 5" apart - whoever installed that thing clearly didn't have babies!).

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  • I don't have any recommendations as I have no need for them in my living space..just wanted to say, "Cute dog!"
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