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Who else has been told they may be having a big baby?

Just wondering how many other Feb. Mommas have been told they are getting an ultrasound for size in your 39th week?  Then he said if he is like 10lbs we will take him in the 40th week.
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Re: Who else has been told they may be having a big baby?

  • At my growth ultrasound on Monday (so 35 weeks and 4 days), he was already estimating over 7 pounds.  That's a 38 week baby on average! He's been measuring big all along. :)
  • IM 36.5 weeks and I was told the same thing, i just got back from my growth ultrasound that showed he was extremely average. He's measuring 6.5 -7 lbs and they actually pushed back my due date. So you just never know. His head is measuring weeks ahead though....thats kind of scary. lol :)
  • My doctor has been telling me LO is looking like she'll be a 10lb baby. I think he's preparing me for the possibility of a C-section which is what he'll do if he still thinks that when I go into labor.
  • I have been told the whole time I've been measuring ahead.  I'm measuring 3w5days ahead of gestational age.  I'm expecting a big baby.  My DD last time was 8lbs 14.3oz with delivery at 38w.  I'm having a scheduled c/s again though.  I'm scheduled at 39w this time but my dr said it's possible to change to 38w again...I won't know until the last minute, if I make it that far, if we are going to go at 38w though.  My DD had jaundice and dropped to low birth weight though....lost a lb in the hour of delivery.  Was very scary.  She is 2.5 yrs now and has always been 95% in height and 50% in weight.  Apparently my DH and I just make large babies....but it's all legs and arms and skinny baby.  It's weird since neither my husband nor I are tall at all.
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  • In both of my previous pregnancies I was told that was a possibility and sent for a growth u/s. Honestly, I don't put a lot of stock in u/ss that are this late because they are notoriously wrong in predicting a baby's size. I wouldn't consent to inducing for size alone and would honestly be a little concerned that this is a c-section happy doctor who would rush into saying "the baby can't fit; you need a section" very prematurely.
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  • I was told baby is more than likely going to be big. That is more than likely true as dd was 9lb8oz.  Perinatologist's suggestion is growth scan and u/s @ 37 weeks. If measuring big amnio at that point followed by delivery if lung function is good.  We will not be taking this option. We're hoping God will bring baby boy to us by 39 weeks, if not we'll allow for induction only because of some minor complications due to dd's size, including minor surgery,I feel negatively effected breastfeeding.
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  • I already get two u/s a week but I'm being watched for her size now too. They told me pretty much the exact same thing, she gets around that 10 lb mark and we'll be having a c-section. If she stays below it I'll be induced at 39 weeks 3 days. Seems pretty par for the course. Good luck, here's hoping we all have healthy even if large babies lol.


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  • They said I was measuring big with my last baby and even had an ultrasound in last trimester. She turned out to be 6 lbs. 2 oz. This one is measuring a little over 5 lbs at 34 weeks. I wonder how accurate those really are? My Dr. said your baby gains around 1/2 lb per week during the last month. Hmmmm....I hope to not have a 10 lb. baby

  • At my 34 week appointment they told me that the baby was measuring around 6.8 pounds and to expect 1/2 a pound a week from here on out. Looks like I am on course for a 10 pound baby! Hopefully it's off and he isn't as big as they are predicting.


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  • Last week at 32w5d they where saying baby looks about 5lbs 11 oz.  So im on track to have a big baby.  Today my OB asked if my MFM said anything to me about lung test and what nots.  I hope error margin is on my side and this baby is little smaller but my Ob dont think since since my hubby is a big/tall guy
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  • Thanks ladies I am just glad to hear I am not the only one that was told this. It makes me feel a lot better!  I hope that my Dr. isn't c-section happy he only said that if baby was 10 lbs at 39 weeks they would go ahead and take him. I don't know lol so many things to learn being a FTM.
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  • Growth ultrasounds can be off by as much as 2lbs. I would be wary on inducing just due to size.
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