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Spina Bifida Update

Hi all- I posted this on facebook yesterday


My sweet little boy, Logan will be born in May. He has Spina Bifida (SB). I am sharing this not to get sympathy or pity. But because I am proud of my little guy. I want to teach people about Spina Bifida. I want him to be proud of who he is, to know he is loved and cherished and to know that his family will do anything for him. It has been a difficult past three weeks. Little Logan already has so much support and love and so do I. I have started a blog for Logan as inspired by so many other wonderful blogs about some precious kiddos with SB. If you would like to follow our journey just let me know and I would be happy to share that with you.       My blog is   Hope everyone is doing well :)
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Re: Spina Bifida Update

  • {{hugs}} and good luck to you and Logan.
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  • What a great idea. Baby Logan will definitely know he's loved :) 

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  • Aw, I'm so sorry... I'll keep you both in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks for sharing the blog, I'll be sure to follow.

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    Anneka is going to be a BIG SISTER!

  • Thank you for sharing the blog. You are so strong and little Logan will be loved and prayed for by many!
  • logan is a lucky boy to have such a strong family!
  • I'll definitely check out your blog!
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  • I will definitely be following Logan's journey! After you announced that Logan will have spina bifida I started to read blogs of other SB mom's/kids. They were absolutely inspiring and I am glad you decided to start one with your own family's story.

    Thanks for updating us and I have thought about you and Logan often since your last one.


    [EDIT: P.S. The blog looks great!]

  • Love the blog! What a great idea. Hugs to you!
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  • Wow, amazing blog and I wish you and your family a lot of luck in the weeks to come.  You will be in my thoughts.
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  • I will be praying for you and Logan. You are so strong and proof that ending the pregnancy is not the only way to go. I am so glad to see someone being so positive and upbeat about her baby's LIFE. ((hugs))

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  • This is so inspiring, and you are very strong. I hope you got a wonderful response on FB and know how many people, both IRL and here on TB, care about you. ((HUGS))
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  • Praying for you and Logan.
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    It's a BOY!



  • I am going to read your blog right now.


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  • What a wonderful blog. You are welcoming Logan into such a strong and supportive family, he's just as lucky to have you! 
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  • You have a great attitude! Your little guy is very lucky to have you and your family. 
  • Love the blog idea! Sending many T&Ps to you and little Logan! ((hugs))
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  • I love the blog... I will be continuing to keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers
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  • Thank you for sharing. Your little boy seems so loved. Good luck and prayers for a safe delivery.
  • Wishing you all the best on your journey with Logan.  I just read your most recent blog post and it sounds like you have a good plan after Logan is born.  

    Please remember you are his biggest advocate and question everything and make sure you completely understand everything doctors want to do once he is here.  

    A great resource I've found is the MOMs of miracles group on Facebook.  Feel free to PM me with any hospital questions (over the past 18 months we've been there for a total of 4 months).   

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  • Your blog is wonderful and Logan is incredibly lucky to have such an amazing mom.
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  • Wow, you are an amazing and strong person. I will keep you and little Logan in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for sharing.
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  • Logan is already so very loved! Thank you for sharing. I am so glad to hear you have incredible support surrounding you and your family. 

    EDD 1/31/13, MC May 17. EDD 3/31/13, MC July 26. I miss you so much already my angel loves


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  • I just visited your blog and read it. Beautiful. Logan sounds like he is loved very much. Best of luck to him and your family.

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  • My cousin has severe SB (He's 29 now) and let me tell you, he is tough! While he doesn't have a normal gait he has more friends than most people could dream. And not the "I pity this guy so I'll be his friend" type I'm talking about the "genuine people who see through disabilities deep down to who people really are" type and my cousin is an amazing guy. He travels around the world, he just finished his Master's and is planning to get his Doctorate soon. He lives on his own unassisted and has a pretty sweet bachelor pad. SB is not the end it is only the beginning and I just know you and little Logan have a long and beautiful life ahead of you.

    All my best wishes that everything will go as smoothly as possible once he is here. I will be following your blog for sure. Logan is lucky to have such a wonderful Mommy. Many ((hugs)) Alicia!

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  • Just to hopefully give you a little extra encouragement, my cousin was born with Spina Bifida, they were told he would never walk, would be confined to a wheel chair, would never be able to feel anything below his waist.  He is 23 years old today and can walk using crutches, he's able to use the bathroom on his own (they told us he would have to use a catheter), and he's a smart and wonderful young man.

    Your Logan will have so much love and support and he will excel in anything he does.

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  • (((HUGS))) I think that sharing and making the blog are great ideas!
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    Doing Cryo-DE IVF 
    Beautiful hatching 5-blast transfered 8/30
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    A/S on 12/21/12, Petra's having a baby, it's the end of the world!
    Pebbles arrived safe and sound 4/13. Placenta accreta found.
    Op hysteroscopy 2/7, reopen ute/remove adhesions from accreta
    Found severe Ashermans. Fuuuuuuu... Repeat Op Hyst in March.
    Op Hyst ver 3.0 looks good so far, find out if it worked in June.
    Finally got the damn IUD out. Waiting to stop bleeding.
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    Here goes everything...
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    Waiting for the next Op Hysteroscopy to find out what next.
    Scratch that, retained tissue. 3rd Cytotec round.
    Another damn Op Hyst. Found and removed retained tissue.
    Pathology returned fine, no molar. Cleared for final attempt after next cycle.

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  • Great idea on the blog. Will continue to pray for you. 

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  • I'm glad you feel like you can educate and increase awareness about this all!  I hope you have a smooth pregnancy and delivery and that you are surprised by just how amazing your little guy is, SB or not. 

    Two little miracles made possible by the gift of life - Be an organ donor - Always thankful 

  • I think your attitude of acceptance is inspiring and it touches my heart to see your unconditional love for your son.  Thank you for sharing your courage.  I sincerely wish you and your family the very best, and I will definitely be following your blog! 
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  • Thank you for sharing your blog. I will definitely be following his story and keeping you both in my prayers.
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