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How much maternity leave are you taking?

How much leave do you plan to take after the baby is born? Do you plan to keep extra saved leave as a buffer after you go back to work, to use for baby sick days and doctor appts, etc? And if so, how much time are you saving as a buffer? Do you have to take LWOP?

I had barely enough leave saved up to take off the amount I wanted, but I've required so many prenatal visits that I'm using up a huge chunk of leave before the babies even get here (I'm going weekly now and it will become twice a week in a few weeks). I'm going to have to take advance leave or LWOP. Just not sure how much to plan for. I'd like to take a whole 12 weeks off afterward, but not sure if that's realistic. I will probably only end up with enough leave to take 5-6 weeks without going in the hole. And I'm not sure if it's better to take LWOP and hope my tax returns can pay the mortgage, or take advance leave and forever be earning it back. It's frustrating. I'm envious of women that can afford to stay at home.

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Re: How much maternity leave are you taking?

  • My plan is to start my leave the week before my due date and then just 6 weeks after the baby is born.  That will only leave me with 2 days leave time if all works out like I plan.  So I have a little cushion, but not alot. I would love to take the full 12 weeks, but I can't even though my husband has a good job, the insurance and benefits are with my job and if I run out of leave then my benefits lapse.  I am very jealous of people that get to stay at home longer also.
  • I'm going to work until it's time to deliver.  Then I'm taking 12 weeks off.  The first 6 are paid (or 8 if I have a c-section) then the remaining time will be taken unpaid.  I'm saving my vacation time (3 weeks plus a few floating holidays) to use in the back half of the year.
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  • I'm taking 12 weeks off total. The first week is my 4 days of sick time plus one vacation day until STD kicks in for weeks 2-6 at 60% of my pay. I then have the option to use the 7 left over vacation days I have to get paid for some of the time off but will probably be taking weeks 7-12 with no pay. So a good chuck of my time is only receiving 60% of my pay and LWOP.

    We've been saving up since March of last year when we started TTC to have enough to cover us in the transition. I'll also be returning to work part time so that will be a major shift in our income so we've been trying to live on less and bank the difference when we can.  

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  • I am taking 11 weeks off as thats what I get @ 100% pay. I do have to use PBA/Vacation. I am not leaving any paid time off as I work remote and will be able to stay home with a sick baby or go to Dr without it counting as paid time off. I would try to save as much money as you can right now so you can take as much time off as you want/can afford.
  • I am jealous of all of you!  I work for a small employer (only 2 non-family employees, 5 employess total, all men other than me) so they are exempt from providing maternity leave.  With DS I worked 10hrs the day I went into labor (3 days late) & returned to work 3 days after.  They do allow me to come & go a little bit more, but I get NO paid time off at all.  I get 2 weeks paid vacation a year, mostly we save that for use over holidays and slow times when I don't get full time hours in.  We have a HUGE event the day before I'm due that I would normally work about 14hrs, so hoping I either deliver the week before or a couple days late again so I can get thru it!  I do like my job (most of the time quite a bit actually) but I hate the benefits when it comes down to stuff like this.  Nice knowing I'm needed and somewhat irreplacable, but come on, let me have a baby in peace!!!  LOL!!!
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  • I'm  not sure yet, but I definitely need to figure it out. The first time I had no issues taking 12 weeks - I had 8 paid through STD and 2 weeks vacation, so 2 were unpaid. This time, I'm not sure I can even do 2 weeks unpaid because we will still be paying for DS's school, so it's hard to get 0 income and shell out tons for his school.

    I know I will for sure  have 6 weeks STD and 2 weeks vacation. Beyond that, it will depend if my doc will extend my STD and how we're feeling about the finances. I'm thinking I will likely take 10w total, but we'll see. I'll definitely be working right up  until delivery, unless there are any issues.

    ETA: I carried over just under 2w (9 days) of vacation, which is what I'll be using for leave after STD is up. I'll still be accruing vacation before the baby gets here and while I'm on leave - so that will be more my"buffer" since I'll be coming back at almost mid-year. 

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  • I am taking a full year off, I am so excited.  I won't have to go back until after LO's first birthday. 
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  • My last day is February 15th, so about 2 weeks before baby is due.  Then I will be off for the year, and most likely won't return until March 2014.

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  • I feel for those that don't get much/any paid time off. When I had DD #1 I worked for a small company and had to take all 6 weeks unpaid.

    I now work for a national company and gets paid leave. Week 1, use sick leave or paid time off, week 2-5 std paid at 100% of my pay, week 6 it drops to 60% of my pay. Then we just found out starting Jan 1st they are giving all employees "parenting leave", which is an additional15 days of paid leave that can be used anytime within the year that your child is born! So I plan to take that extra 3 weeks after my 6 weeks of paid leave - giving me a total of at least 9 weeks off, possibly a little more, but unpaid.

    I plan on coming back after maternity leave, but don't plan on staying very long after returning. I don't make enough to pay for daycare - so it's such a waste. Not to mention I want to be home with my babies!!! So hate to say I'm going to be that person, but I am. I do play on staying and helping them transition my position to someone else, so I won't be leaving them high and dry.

    Look out baby #3 is on his/her way!
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  • I am leaving work 2 weeks prior to my delivery date and taking 10 weeks after - may vary slightly but that is the plan as of now. Hope to work part time from home after that 10 weeks. 
  • Well I get 12 weeks at full pay, after that I might take some of my vacation days but I would rather not if I can avoid it.
  • I plan on working right up until I deliver and then taking off 12 weeks - 6 weeks sick leave and 6 weeks vacation. I have enough to cover it this time, but if I have another kid in the next couple years I doubt I will have replenished enough to cover the next one.
  • image SQuaid:
    I am taking a full year off, I am so excited.  I won't have to go back until after LO's first birthday. 

    i intend to take all 52 weeks that I'm allowed; unless work can make me a convincing offer to come back sooner.  Plus I've been off on disability since November 1st. 

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  • I am taking 10 weeks off starting when the baby comes as long as I don't go on bedrest as threatened.  It will be 5 weeks vacations and 5 weeks sick.  I am going to work about 5 hours a week while I am on leave.  I should have 4 weeks paid leave left when I come back to work.  That way I can take off for doctor's appointments and if she gets sick.  DH gets 4 weeks paid paternity leave and can take 12 more weeks of vacation on top of that.  He is going to stay home for the first two weeks and then use the rest of his paternity leave when I go back to work.  Depending on what happens with daycare will depend on how he uses his remaining leave.
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