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take care ladies!

On my morning commute I read a terrifying article in the NY Times about all of the major epidemics hitting the US right now (published today: Flue Widespread, Leading a Range of Winter's Ills).  As I read, I was super aware of the many, many people around me on the train coughing and sneezing their brains out (and that many were not properly covering their mouths or were touching common surfaces right after couching/sneezing into a hand). Gross! I think I Purelled about every 10 minutes, but this stuff is airborne.  I'm really freaking out.

Anyhow, it's flu, stomach flu, and pertussis that are going around (add laryngitis for NY).  Please take care of yourselves, as getting any of these while pregnant would just be miserable! 

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Re: take care ladies!

  • The flu is rampant here in Illinois. Seems like everyone at work is sick. Glad I took my Dr's advice and got my flu shot. Everyone at work told me it would make me sick but it didn't and now they're all sick. Knock on wood that I can stay healthy this winter and spring.
  • I live on Long Island and my kids school has been horrible this year worst I have seen it yet.. My kids have had the flu, bronchitis and the stomach flu all since the end of November the only week they weren't battlling something is the week they were on vacation.. Unfortunately I caught the flu before christmas but thankfully not the stomach flu hubby got that from the kids last week. My 6 yr old has already missed 12 days of school and only allowed 20 so now she doesn't get to be off when the baby comes.. We Lysol, bleach and purell like crazy but it's in the air and they are already exposed before they come home..I am looking forward to spring.. I hope none of you ladies catch these horrible sicknesses. 

  • It's crazy here in Louisiana too! I asked my doc about what happens if i catch the flu after getting the flu shot. He said not to worry, it would be much milder case and that the baby would be perfectly ok! It's scary how everyone is sick though!

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  • It's fairly bad here in Iowa too.I have the lucky job of taking care of all of the sickies when they're in the hospital. We are seeing a lot of flu cases and pertusis is really big here too. I got my flu shot and have so far avoided everything but the common cold. Probably because I'm exposed to it on a daily basis. I keep a bottle of hand sanitizer with me at all times and was my hands until they are cracked. I saw on the news last night that they're saying its a flu epidemic out east. DH has refused to get the flu but I'm thinking he may no longer have a choice in this matter and will be getting it soon to protect me and LO.
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  • I'm currently sick with a rough case of bronchitis. Just started antibiotics and codeine cough syrup today . :
  • Just finished my second bout with stomach flu in a month, here in Washington DC. I don't know how it continues to circulate around town because I don't think anyone could go to work when this virus is active inside you. It does a number on ya, pregnant or no...
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