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Blood Pressure??

I've been monitoring my blood pressure the last few days per my OB.  I have ranged between 135/81 - 149/77.  I just took it and it was 150/100.. Then I took it again 5 minutes later and it read 132/80. Is it normal for it to jump like that?  About an hour ago is when I got the 149/77 so I checked it an hour later to see if there was any change and then it was 150/100.. Should I wait another hour and check again?  I am just worried that is way too high!  The rest of my pregnancy I have been in the 120s.

Re: Blood Pressure??

  • It will fluctuate depending on the time of day and what your doing. Your numbers are pushing it. A diastolic of 100 is too high and you should call about it. Are you having any other symptoms? Headahce, swelling, vision changes, or floaters in your vision?


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  • The 150/100 is callworthy.

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  • If I check mine too frequently, it will jump.  I guess nerves.  It also does that when I visit my OB so I was sent to a MFM.  BP was perfect there...very frustrating.

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  • I've been instructed to monitor my bp from the very beginning. But I was told to only take it once a day. So I take it every morning after getting ready for work, when I'm a little more relaxed. My bp fluctuates like yours. Pre pregnancy, I've been at about 116/75. Since getting pg, however, they've ranged from 126-150/74-90. But I still haven't been diagnosed as hypertensive because I haven't consistently been over 140/90. I've learned that checking it multiple times in a day will cause it to jump around because I get anxious, which is why OB says to only take it once. With that said, 150/100 is quite high. I would put in a call just in case. It may be okay when they monitor you at the dr's office, but its better to be safe.
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