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Need advice: Just diagnosed with GD, no monitor yet

I bombed (I mean BOMBED) the 1 hour test yesterday.

Instead of being anywhere in the neighborhood of 140, 

my results came in at 197. I did not fast before the test 

because I was told not to. 


So here's my problem: Now I'm scared out of my mind. I've been drinking nothing but water today and I've eaten mostly protein (eggs with a little natural cheese, salmon) and I've only eaten sugar once (an apple - and I paired it with a scrambled egg). Right now my head HURTS. It feels like it is going to collapse inward. My baby is not moving as much as he usually does, but I'm still getting about 1 movement every 10 minutes. They can't get me an appointment with the doctor that will set me up with a glucose monitor until NEXT Wednesday. What do I do? Do I eat something? Do I not eat anything? I have absolutely no way of checking my blood sugar and I am freaked out. 

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Re: Need advice: Just diagnosed with GD, no monitor yet

  • You can buy a monitor at walgreens or cvs for like $20
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  • Thanks! I will go do that immediately. Umm... I feel so stupid... What do the numbers mean when I do the test? I know high is bad, but I don't know what I'm supposed to do, really.
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  • I haven't been to the doctors yet either so I'm not really sure but my sister is type 1 and she told me to check my sugar as soon as I wake up if it's above 160 to call the doctor. Then check after meals and it should be under 140. I really don't know if these numbers should be the same for GD b/c this is going off her type 1 diabetes. But if you check it and your worried you can always call your doctor. 
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  • I was just diagnosed last Friday and received my meter today, which will be a total of 2 weeks after I failed the one hour test.  I am learning quickly, but in no way letting myself starve. My husband has done some low carb diets, so he has been helping me A LOT.  In talking to the nurse the other day before I received my meter she said to eat 3 meals and 3 snacks a day.  No milk, cereal, fruit, or fruit juice for breakfast, but to have a starch and protein.  I have been eating 1/2 cup of oatmeal and 1/2 cup of pistachios, since I don't eat eggs.  I then have a mid-morning snack consisting of cheese and crackers (about 6-8 crackers), and an apple.  For lunch, just making sure I have a starch and protein.  I've have things like chicken with brown rice and veggies, a hamburger on whole wheat with an apple, these were leftovers from the night before.  For a late afternoon snack, I eat 1/2 peanut butter sandwich and light yogurt.  Dinner is pretty much the same like lunch and then right before I go to bed I have some popcorn (3 cups popped) and an apple with some peanut butter or cheese and crackers again.  Hope this helps.  
  • Thanks. I just tested and it's at 91. The last time I ate was almost 5 hours ago.

    I think I'm just going to do my best to start writing down everything I eat and to test my blood at least twice daily until the doctor can see me. I'm a Heparin patient, too, so I'm pretty sure my doctor won't want me testing any more frequently than that until he sees me. 


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  • Don't worry about your numbers yet, just eat well.  And you should be eating every 2-3 hours.

    Your sugars are usually the highest in the morning so don't eat a lot of carbs for breakfast (like if you usually have 2 pieces of toast, just eat a half piece of toast, etc) and eat more of the eggs and cheese for example.

    Aim for whole grains or starchy vegetable as your carbs.  Avoid sugar (avoid white flour and milk if you can as well).

    Eat almonds they lower blood sugar.  If you eat fruit, eat it with cheese or nuts as your snack.  Peanuts and peanut butter are also good.

    Always eat a carb with a protein and a fat.

    Don't freak out.  And by no means should you not eat.  That will make it worse!  You can eat as much protein and fat as you want, just eat low carb until you can meet with a counselor. 

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  • Make sure to eat at least every 3 hours. I would test a minimum of 3 times a day, 4 if you can. Fasting for sure and 1 hour after each meal. Keep track of your numbers so doctors can see any patterns. The 1 hour after is an hour after first bite. I set a timer. Also don't over stress if you have only done the 1hr non fasting test. If you had just eaten or had a big meal an hour or 2 before it will skew the numbers.
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  • A...Are you not doing a 3 hr? 

    B...Your not supposed to cut ALL carbs.  Just try to stick to complex carbs and natural fruit, avoid simple carbs and refined sugars.  have a carb/protein snack between meals and before bed.  Just go with it until next Wednesday, I'd say no need to check until then. 

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  • Just breathe! I had to remind myself for 2 weeks that if it was emergent I wouldn't be waiting 2 weeks to see a doctor and nutritionist! Just be conscious of what you're eating, no regular sodas, use a sugar substitute, no candies, cakes, cookies. You still need carbs, just make them whole wheat/grain and always pair them with a protein. You'll get sick of eggs quickly, peanut butter is good, plain yogurt with fruit, chicken, turkey, etc... They don't expect perfection before they've even seen you (or after for that matter!). It's a PITA but it just becomes part of you and 2nd nature after a few weeks.

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  • I would call. You are symptomatic with a headache and there has been a change in fetal movement.

     In the meantime, try this.

     Eat every 2-3 hours 2 carb servings for breakfast and snacks. And 4 carb servings for lunch and dinner. That means 3 snacks and 3 meals.

    15 grams of carbohydrates = 1 serving.

     I am hesitant to tell you to purchase a meter, because it really won't do you any good unless you have instructions from your OB regarding what they want you to do with the results. Plus, your office has meters that they give you for free based on your insurance and what strips/lancets your insurance reimburses for.

     Call first.


  • i was in the same place as you the Friday before Christmas.  BREATHE!

     Best advice- eat something small every 2 hours.  When you eat, eat a carb and a matching protein (ie 1/2 apple and string cheese, 1/2 peanut butter sandwich (probably no jelly unless sugar free, 1 blue label yoplait yogurt and 1/2 c 2% cottage cheese).  Also, make sure to have a snack at bedtime, i feel like i am eating ALL the time, so i do an EAS carb control shake at bed and that has been perfect.

    My doctor explained to me that you HAVE to eat carbs for the baby, but if you match the carbs to the protein, it will help with your levels.

    I also bought a monitor right away, just so i could track my levels and see if i could figure out foods that made me spike.  Milk was bad, and fruit in the morning didn't work for me.

    When you test (if you do) make sure your hands are super clean (no lotion) - i had lotion once and my number was RIDICULOUS! 

     Hope this helps- it is super overwhelming at first but it does get better ( i promise!)


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