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Thanks, Avent...

So back when I first found out I was pregnant I got a buttload of coupons and promotions and whatever else in packets from Medicaid, the clinic where I had my 9 week ultrasound to verify pregnancy for Medicaid (which wasn't even necessary, but was an excuse to see my deformed little gummi bear early), and my OB's office. One of the things was for a free bottle from Avent, so I filled it out, mailed it back, forgot about it until November and went "Huh, so much for that." because I never got anything back from them.

Then in the mail today i had not one but 3 little packages from Avent.  All little 4oz bottles. I called their customer service line to say there had been a mistake and I had received 3, and the guy I talked to told me to consider it a birthday present for the baby and to keep all 3 :)


So yeah, thanks Avent!

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Re: Thanks, Avent...

  • Nice! I love when stuff like that happens!

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  • I had actually forgotten that I'd even sent off for the free bottle a few months ago, and it came in the mail today, haha. I was like "What is Avent sending me something for?!" ANd poof bottle! It's actually quite nice, and I do like it...now if it had only been a small enough neck to fit my breast bump my friend got for me, lol.

     I am hoping my LO likes the Avent bottles when she has to have one. I decided on using them as much as possible instead of other brands because the nipples are supposed to mimic breasts best. I do hope that's right, because we have a car trip when she's 5-6 weeks!

  • Mine came in the mail today too - but I wasn't lucky enough to get three! I love free stuff!
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  • The new Avent and Tommee Tippee (what I bought to try first because I heard it's a good transition bottle for a BF baby) seem to be extremely shape similar, and first years has a new design out that mimics them somewhat, too.
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  • Awesome!  I sent mine off over 6w ago and nothing.  I just assumed I wasn't getting anything after all.  Hope mine is still on it's way and just taking a little longer than I thought.  I used Dr. Brown's with my DD before and I'm really hoping I like the new natural Avent...they look nice and have less parts to clean.  My DD had reflux so if my new DD has reflux, I hope these work too.
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