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xp: baby swimwear

We are going to Punta Cana (woohoo!) the first week in Feb for some fun in the sun. Anyway, I want my LO to get in the pool and ocean a bit and play around. How does this work with a diaper? I've found all sorts of cute swim trunks and little rash guards to help protect from the sun but not sure if there's something else that would be better and prevent a soggy diaper. 


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Re: xp: baby swimwear

  • I haven't found disposable swim diapers in any size smaller than 3, so when my DS1 was very small, we used a cloth swim diaper that I ordered from He never pooped in it, so I can't attest to how well it performed that way, but it was easy to use and wasn't droopy/soggy.

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  • They make Little Swimmer diapers. I know they're all over the place in summer, not sure where to buy them during winter... At our YMCA, non-potty-trained kids can't swim without a swimmer diaper because the swimmer diapers not only don't swell, they contain the poo or pee better, apparently. ETA: I get small/med/large swim diapers... look at the weight, but I just used a small diaper on my 6 week old baby (11 pounds, 3 ounces) last week and it worked well.
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  • Buy a few cloth ones - check out Jillian's Drawers or Nicki's Diapers, both online. 

    Swim diapers are for poop, not pee. They are not waterproof. 

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  • I've found cloth swim diapers work best (love the ones made by finis).
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  • I love mother-ease cloth swim diapers and bummis swimmis are my second choice.
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