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Tummy Time ?

DD is 10 weeks and still hates tummy time... I try talking to her, singing to her, using toys, and only put her on her belly when she is already in a happy mood.  How are your LOs doing with tummy time?  What can I do to make it better?  Should I leave her on her belly even if she is screaming...?



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Re: Tummy Time ?

  • Do you lay on your tummy right next to her and talk to her? My son loves tummy time but if I'm not right there with him he gets a little upset.

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  • DS has a short attention span for enjoying tummy time.  I try to keep it to 5 minutes everytime he is a wake.


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  • I'm curious to see the replies. Charlie is 11 weeks and screams no matter what we do. HATES tummy time.
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  • At home E hates it and loses his sh!t after just a minute or two. At daycare they say he is awesome at it. No idea what they do differently.
  • I have B on a "tummy schedule". Every day at 2 we get down on the floor and play on his activity mat and listen to music. After 15 minutes, we do 5 to 10 minutes of tummy. He seems to enjoy it more when its not for an indefinite amount of time.
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  • My LO isn't a fan either. She only lasts a few minutes on the boppy and even less time flat on her tummy on the play mat. I asked her Dr and he said some kids just hate it, try for 5 min a few times a day, if you can't don't stress.
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  • Gibson hates tummy times too. Everytime we do it she gets so mad and upset. I have tried it with a boppy and she hates that too. I still do it every day, atleast 4 times and I just try to help her through it.
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  • Every diaper change she goes on her tummy in her crib, while i wash my hands. I have her mirror snail thing that sings when she wiggles on the mattress right in front of her and a couple interesting stuffed toys in both corners. She hated it at first but I think partly because its our routine she started tolerating it for longer periods. Now she happily coos for up to 15 minutes this way. Only drawback is I think I made her crib a playpen... She still sleeps in her RnP.
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  • You could try with the boppy. Cover it with a blanket and put LO in the dipped area. My LO doesn't hate tummy time but he doesn't always enjoy it. I have the fisher price snail, he seems to enjoy that.

    If it makes you feel better I've read that tummy time isn't a must. Compared to babies that do tummy time they develop at almost the same rate. I wish I could remember the article.
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  • Stella mostly gets tummy time by laying on my chest.  I'll turn the tv on and lay on the couch and she'll happily lay on me as long as I interact with her.  My ped said that anything where she's not on her back counts as tummy time, so sitting and playing in her jumperoo thing counts.  I was also told to put her on an elevated area like the bed or couch so she can see more than just the floor.

    DH does "sit-ups" with her.  He lays her down and grabs her hands and lifts her to a sitting position.  Starting yesterday she began going from the sitting position to a standing position with help from daddy.  It was really surprising that she was able to do it (we'd never tried before) but she was so proud of herself.

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  • She hates it. Dd1 lived it and was good at it. Go figure.

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  • The boppy works for us, usually.

    Also, I would suggest that you maybe wear your LO. Does the same purpose and they usually like it a little more.


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  • You know those husband pillows that people use to sit up and read in bed? They have little arms and an angled back? I flipped one of those over one day and put LO on the back of it angled up, and I noticed he tolerated it a lot more. I was doing it for a picture but noticed he was exercising his neck and back muscles to do mini push ups when we put him down that way. It's not ideal for rolling over, but its better than nothing -- my DS also hates tummy time on a flat mat. 
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  • My son hated tummy time until we got a mirror that he could look into.  Now he loves looking at himself and smiles and laughs.  I can usually get a good 10 minutes of tummy time out of him, which is much better than before.  I just lay him in his crib with the mirror that way it is much easier for me to interact with him than laying on the floor.

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  • ya L hates it too. I started using the boppy, he tolerated it longer but i'm not that worried and you shouldn't really be either unless she's never holding he head up on your shoulder or when sitting on your lap. The bumbo has been good for practicing and the exersaucer too.
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  • Try it when they are just in a diaper.

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  • image lucreciac:
    I'm curious to see the replies. Charlie is 11 weeks and screams no matter what we do. HATES tummy time.
    this he does tummy time in his sleeper

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  • Alice is not a fan of floor tummy time either. She likes it when I help her roll over. She thinks that is hysterical. But just putting her in the floor on her belly with toys? Not fun for her. She likes tummy time on my chest, and we also do baby situps. And she loves "standing" on my legs. Or chest. She likes "walking" up my chest. Lol


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