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I went for the 3hr glucose test yesterday and they called today telling me it was abnormal and I have gestational diabetes and I would get a call to set up an appointment with a diabetes specialist.

I'm a little bit nervous about what to expect and what complications this could cause.  I have been looking on the web and I have seen it could cause heart or brain defects in my baby. But other than that I don't really see what to expect or changes I should be making. My sister has type 1 diabetes but we are not really close and didn't live in the same home growing up so I don't really know anything other than I've seen her check her sugar before eating and taking insulin shots after.

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Re: Gestational Diabetes

  • Thank You! I will look for previous posts
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  • It's a PITA at first but you get used to it. I used to have the most ridiculous sweet tooth but it's almost gone now... Watch your carbs, always pair your carb with a protein like chicken, peanut butter, etc... No juice or regular sodas. As for complications the 2 biggest are having a big baby and then after birth baby can get hypoglycemic (low blood sugar). You'll be closely monitored for the rest of your pregnancy and be tired of doctor appointments. But you'll get used to it and then you'll have your baby and all will be forgotten! Definitely scroll through the past posts. <3

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  • Thank you! And thanks for the no juice b/c I have been having apple, grape or pineapple juice every morning! I have been looking over other posts and its really confusing but I guess I will get used to it.
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  • I found it very confusing and overwhelming at first. A few things to remember: it is not your fault but is hormonal, it will go away after LO is born, if you control your numbers the risks to baby are no more than for someone without GD. (or so my Drs told me).

    Juice and regular soda are definitely no-nos. Refined sugar of any sort is a no-no. Milk is also a no-no unless you have a protein with it. I love my milk so I usually have it as my carb and cheese or some other protein as my first night time snack. Greek yogurt is my go to bedtime snack because it has enough carbs and protein that I don't have to find anything else to eat right before bed. Eat every 2-3 hours and don't fast at night for more than 10 hours. This was the hard one for me because I'd been sleeping more than 10 hours most night because I was waking up so often. Thus I am literally eating my bedtime snack, brushing my teeth, and crawling into bed.

     Your doctor(s) will go over everything with you. The other really hard part for me was the testing because I hate needles. I've gotten over that, had to since I was put on insulin from the start because my numbers were REALLY high. But once we got the right dose of insulin much I my stress melted. I still stress about food but only when I'm eating someplace where I have little control over what is fixed, like at a party or someone else's house.

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  • Yes, I agree with Teacher clark. I was diagnosed last week. To be honest I am not stressing over it, the meal routine is like the way a personal without it should eat just portion control really. I stressed a little about carb counting,but it's starting to pass.
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