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Breast Pump - BCBS DME Suppliers?

I was wondering if any of you have had success in finding a DME supplier that is currently carrying Breast Pumps and is part of the Anthem BCBS network? I have reached out to Anthem and they can't even help me! I would love to have insurance cover my breast pump, however I have already spent far too much time searching for a place that carries them!



Re: Breast Pump - BCBS DME Suppliers?

  • I have Federal BCBS, and they say I can only get one through CVS Caremark.  Not sure if yours would be the same. 

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  • I have BCBS Empire so I am not sure it would be the same for you but they told me to go through edgepark medical https://www.edgepark.com/


    Hope this helps!


  • They had me look on their website, do a provider search for a DME place within 25 miles, and a few came up. I have highmark bcbs, but I'm sure your insurance will have a place to search for providers on their website

  • It was such a complete PITA for me. After speaking with several customer service reps who kept trying to tell me the pump wouldn't be covered, I finally got someone who knew what they were talking about and she emailed me a list of DME suppliers in a 100 mile radius. I couldn't find one DME supplier in that 100 miles; I even got a list of DME providers out of state, but none of them would ship out of state. I spent literally 4 hours and called about 75 places. I finally called Anthem back and explained that I couldn't find a supplier within 100 miles or out of state. Luckily, the angel of God customer service rep said that since there wasn't one available in that radius, I could just go to my local BRU/BBB/Target, file a claim (the claim form is available on Anthem's website) and submit the receipts for reimbursement. I was able to get my pump and additional supplies (extra shields/connectors/valves, etc) covered 100%. The reimbursement check is in the mail as I type. Thank God. It was so difficult, I almost just thought about buying one out of pocket.

     I've heard of some people finding DME suppliers 5 minutes from their house though, so maybe it's just because I live in Indiana that I'm having trouble!

    Good luck. 

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  • Idk why yours is being difficult. The guy I talked to was awesome and searched for me and then emailed me the list. I used a local pharmacy that also is a DME provider. You should be able to go to your member page for BCBS and search for DME provider. Or keep calling til you get someone helpful. In my area alone there was over 50 in 25 miles. 

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  • I have Anthem and they sent me a list for my area, however the one I found that carries pumps is Apria.
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