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AW: Had an amazing night

So DH came home from a business trip and DD was soooooo excited to see him. I got to spend the entire night watching the two of them play. *heaven*

Then, DD went to bed and DH and I got our 'adult time' and all I can say is for the first time in months I really enjoyed it. *heaven*

THEN, when all was said and done and I was ready for bed, LO started kicking up a storm and DH got to feel a bazillion kicks! First time this pregnancy too. I think it may have finally become just a smidgen more real for him. *heaven*

And the encore~ I get my follow up A/S today so I'll get to see LO again *heaven* DH has to miss it, but I get to record it!

I know we all deal with sickness, aches, and pains all day...but anyone else got a little bit of *heaven* to share?

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Re: AW: Had an amazing night

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