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To potty or not to potty...yet?

 Hello ladies! It's been a while! We are going to be moving in a few months to NH with DH's parents (eeek) for hopefully only a year until we can get on our feet and get into our own house...Anyways! I am skeptical to start potty training DD during this process. She is 20 months and showing a few signs of being interested. Do you think it would be overwhelming for her to start at one house and then at another house that isn't as familiar? I had planned to start slow whether we were moving or not but I just don't want to make things harder on everyone. What do you recommend?

Thanks! :)

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Re: To potty or not to potty...yet?

  • I recommend reading the book "oh crap. potty training" - I'm a little ways into it right now and am finding it very helpful in terms of giving me a better sense of when to start (we're expecting LO2 in a few weeks and I'm hesitant to start right before such a huge change as well even though DD is showing signs). Good luck!

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  • I don't think it would hurt to start just go in with the understanding that it may take longer that normal or that you may have to start again after you move. If she is truely ready you may be done by the time you move and will just have to show her where her potty is in the new house.
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  • If she is showing interest then you might as well start trying.  It might take a while but give it a try!
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