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So I'm 19 weeks tomorrow, had a great ultrasound last week for my 2nd trimester screening & heard my baby's heartbeat again today at my OB appt... but still no flutters. I know they say it can happen from 18-22 weeks but I am getting impatient, hehe;-) 
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Re: Anxious...

  • I'm a STM and haven't felt anything yet either :( Had an ultrasound today and the baby was beating away at the walls of my uterus and I didn't feel a thing. It will happen soon for us, I'm sure of it!
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  • I was really anxious for about two weeks b/c I thought I should of felt something  already but I distinctly remember feeling DS1 for the 1st time at exactly 19 weeks (DS2 was sooner).  I was reading in bed and felt a big kick on the outside.  So...fast forward almost 4 years, I am laying in bed reading and exactly at 19 weeks I felt a bunch of hard kicks also from the outside.  

    I know what it's like to be super anxious to feel your baby moving! 

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  • Thanks for your reply. Don't you just love hearing the heartbeat?! That did make me feel much much better;) 
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