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 My LO is 5 weeks and 2 days old.  I believe I am going through a low milk supply because I am only pumping about 3 ounces a day from both breasts.  We have been having a hard time with BF because he was born 4 weeks early and was not able to latch on at the hospital.  Since then I have been having a really hard time trying to get him latched on correctly (did I mention he is tongue tied).  He would latch on but it was incorrectly and causing my breasts to be really sore.  Therefore I am forced to pump but seem to be producing only 3-4 ounces a day.  I am hoping that after getting his tongue from being untied tomorrow that will help out with latching on properly.  Does anyone have any advice as to how to boost my milk supply?



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  • Have you tried using a nipple shield? This helped our latch problems. Also, are you pumping right after every feeding? Pumping right after you LO has latched can generally boost what you get out and I would do it after every single feeeding for a little while. Only about 10 minutes worth of pumping. Remember to stay well hydrated, that will help also.
  • I don't know if this will help now, but apparently there are hospital-grade pumps you can rent from the hospital. I've seen women say that they are really good for establishing your supply at the beginning, and once it is established, it can be kept up with a regular home pump.

    I don't know if this type of pump would be of any use now. Have you tried contacting a lactation consultant from your hospital?

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  • I have tried using a nipple shield and it still hurts.  I am pumping every 2-3 hours but my LO is not latching on at all now.  He is bottle feed F and BM.  I meet with a lactation consultant and she said that because he is tongue tied this could be causing a correct latch on.  I am going to have his tongue tied snipped tomorrow so I am hoping this corrects the latch on problem we have been having.  I'm just scared that because of the low milk supply that I won't produce enough milk to keep him full.  I am only pumping about 3-4 ounces a day from both breasts. 
  • The pump that I have is a hospital grade that I rent from the hospital.  I have meet with a lactation consultant from my hospital and she believes that because my son is tongue tied that is why we are having a hard time latching on properly.  We are going to get his tongue tied snipped tomorrow so I hope this helps with the latching on problem.  My concern is whether or not my milk supply will boost up once he latches on correctly (if he does that).  **praying and hoping that he does**  I was told that milk supply does increase with demand. 
  • My DS was also tongue tied and getting the snip did help him. The hospital grade pumps were helpful at the beginning for me as well.
  • Hopefully, the tongue tie fix will help with latching and more stimulation from nursing will help you produce more milk.

    There are a lot of other things you can try to boost your supply a bit. Eating oatmeal, making lactation cookies (there are lots of recipes online; I tried a banana oatmeal chocolate chip one once and it was delicious), trying Mother's Milk tea... Or you can try supplements ( More milk Plus, fenugreek, goats rue). If you choose supplements, you might have to take more than the dosage on the bottle. You can ask an LC for more advice re: dosage.

    You could also try power pumping once a day. Pump for an hour, doing 20 minutes on, 10 off, 10 on, 10 off, 10 on.  


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  • Getting the tongue tie snipped should fix. I had a 3 week preemie nicu baby with a tongue tie, we had all the same problems, wouldn't latch, had to keep pumping and feed from bottle both my breast milk and formula if I didn't have enough pumped. We had his tie snipped at 4 weeks and we did so much better, and when he was able to latch I was able to pump more because He was finally getting things moving in me for himself! Best of luck, I know how frustrating it can be
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