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Premie moms come in please!

I'm worried about my little guy being behind with some milestones and I know its because he was 6 weeks early but it still makes me worry even though the doctor doesn't seem to worry.  I don't want him to have developmental delays.  Are/were anybody else's LO's behind?  And do you go by their actual age as far as monitoring progress with milestones or do you go by their adjusted premie age?
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Re: Premie moms come in please!

  • DD was a micropreemie and they usually are expected to catch up by age 2. If you are worried about delays, monitor them and mention them at check ups, but inless it's really severe, your doctor will likely not be worried until close to 2.

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  • Mine is a 36-weeker and we go by adjusted age.  There were some things, like smiling and interacting, that she seemed to do a little later.  However, babies seem to be all over the place with milestones at this age.  I mainly look at things like learning anything new or building and improving on already learned skills.
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  • LO was a 32 wkr. The pedi gauges milestones at her adjusted age. She's somewhere in between adjusted and actual. In my opinion babies do things at different times anyway. She's at 41 for her weight and the pedi was impressed. He said weight wise she's doing better than a lot of preemies he's seen.


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  • Mine was a 34 weaker too and my doctor has never used an udjusted age for him nor has she had him on a premie chart.  If your doctor is not worried then I wouldn't be worried.  Babies all develop at different rates and they will all catch up with each other eventually.  If you are worried then ask.
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  • You can ask about early intervention services through the state. Our girls get free physical therapy to catch them up. I'm not sure how early they have to be in your state. My girls were 30 weekers
  • My guy was born at 36 weeks. I hate to consider it "premature" personally but the doctor at the hospital told us that he may be delayed. I thought that was kind of silly. He is off the charts in height and weight and always has been and I havent noticed anything that concerns me with his development and his pediatrician never goes by an adjusted age. Also consider that babies develop at all different rates regardless of how early or late they were born anyway.
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  • I would not worry, the ranges are a few montgs wide, and that accounts for preemies a bit.  i think the range for a first tooth is 4-7 months.  dd1 got her first tooth at 8 months and she was 4 days early.  the twins were born at 35 weeks and are just popping teeth.  but call your pedi if you are worried, that is why they are there.  

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  • DD was also 6 weeks early, she had been about 6 weeks behind on sitting, but once she sat she immediately crawled and is now pulling herself up and standing. After she sat it just all fell into place for her. We were taking her to physical therapy and the doctor told us to give her that extra 6 weeks to catch up, and once she did she just took off and is on mark with other 9 month olds now :) 

    Even babies who aren't premie are all so different, please try not to worry!

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  • Don't stress. Looking back, I had an over zealous ped and it wasn't necessary. We wound up going to the developmental ped because she wasn't rolling onto her back at 12 months and wasn't talking yet. The developmental ped made me feel so much better. He sees all types of cases and wasn't concerned at all. First, most of the milestones you are likely concerned about, aren't even the ones the doctors are concerned about. Things like walking, crawling, sitting, rolling are not big concerns, but things like smiling, tracking, listening etc. are. She didn't even come close to qualifying for service.

    My preemie didn't roll until 12.5 months, only had non-specific words (said mama but not consistently regarding me) at 12 months, didn't walk until 15.5 months. At 18 months she was caught up, with 2 word phrases, rolling, running. At 2 she jumps, has 5 word sentences, knows her ABC's, can count to 20. Don't worry, unless your LO is non-responsive in some manner, or you have serious concerns (not concerns based on a chart).

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  • Hang in there mom!!! I'm in the same boat with my LO at as a 35 weeker. He did great hitting all the milestones for the first months and then just kinda dropped off. He's 9 months now, and just really started rolling over...Just remind yourself, that not hitting these "marks" now, has no real bearing on what kind of person they become. My boss has to regularly remind me that just b/c he didnt start walking or crawling right away doesn't mean he'll be some sort of derelict or degenerate, he just hasn't made those moves yet!!
  • Thank you everyone!! I feel better now.  My little guy is definitely on par as far as cognitive skills- smiling, laughing, babbling, even grabbing things and passing them from hand to hand, holds his sippy cup,  but its the sitting that's bothering me.  He could roll both ways by 5 months but he still can't sit up very well and doesn't seem to be interested in crawling.  I will just keep helping him practice sitting every day and try not to worry :)
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  • My guy was 6 weeks early and was behind and our doc put him in PT at 2 months old. He did not crawl until 12 months and walk until 19 months (not adjusted age). He is going to be 3 in March and he is still a little guy wearing 24 months/2T clothing, but you would NEVER guess he was early. My advice if you are concerned ask your doc about physical therapy (PT) and how it would help your LO and most importantly dont sweat it they catch up! 

     My second is now delayed from being caught in my pelvic for 10 weeks so early or stuck, both are now delayed and in the end they will catch up! Good luck :) 

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    My daughter was born at almost 36 weeks and has been a little behind for a lot of things.  She didn't roll from her back to her stomach until 5 1/2 months and has only recently rolled from her stomach to her back, but only twice.  She just started sitting on her own , but is not even close to pulling herself up or crawling.  She doesn't have any teeth either.  As much as I try not to worry or tell others not to worry, I do.  Just a the end I realize that in the long run it won't matter if she makes these milestones a little late.  Oh, and my pedi goes by her actual age and never even mentions that she was a preemie (late term is what they called her when she was born). 
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