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Who else is working?

Who all is still working? My plan is to work up until labor/delivery or my due date, which ever comes first. It's becoming increasingly more difficult and I don't know if I can make it!

With my last pregnancy I stopped working at 38 weeks, but the timing of the pregnancy was that in which I didn't have to go back to work (I'm a teacher) until August because he was born end of March. I could take my 12 weeks and then it rolled into summer vacation.  This time, my 12 weeks ends April/May so I will have to return for 4-6 weeks.

If I go out early, that means less time with LO when he gets here. But I really don't know how I can manage continuing to work. I feel like crud!

Sorry, just venting. Anyone else still working? Any encouragement to keep going?

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Re: Who else is working?

  • I'm still working!  I plan to stop working when I go into labor..  Despite being normally uncomfortable, I'm find myself in excruciating pain every time I take a step with my right leg due to horrible sciatica. I'm receiving physical therapy for it this week, thank goodness!  Therefore, I see every day that I make it to work as a huge accomplishment.  I'm keeping my eye on the (baby) prize! 

  • I'm working up to the bitter end too.  I have lots of vacation time saved up that I can't use for maternity leave (company policy) so I'm going on a fake part time schedule for my last 3 weeks in the office (working 4 hours and taking 4 hours of AL every day).  I could technically just take those weeks off, but I'm afraid if I have nowhere to go every day I'll drive myself bonkers worrying about everything. 
  • Still working. A desk job so it's not really taxing on my body. I cried to my DH this morning that I don't want to work any more because I was sick of feeling ill and ugly and gross and sick of people telling me how tired I look "because my eyes look puffy" uh, thanks for pointing that out. Next person who says that to me I'll tell them how old/fat/etc they've been looking lately. Don't get me started...

    Plus, I don't think the time off for the holidays helped. I got to spend it with my daughter and she's grown so much in the past two weeks it is amazing. Makes me so sad to think about what I'm missing, even though I take her home every night from daycare and spend time with her then. ugh.

    Sorry, I guess I need motivation too :(


  • I'm still going. Plan on going until baby gets here. I work at a doctor's office, so I feel safer going into labor at work than at home. It's also WAY closer to the hospital than my house (20 minutes vs an hour).

    I get by on the fact that my job isn't terribly difficult. Though recent workflow changes mean that every time a patient comes in I have to get up from my chair an average of 3 times. Up and dow, up and down, up and down.

    I do little things like making sure to bring my heating pad. It's tough, but there is only a little while left. Hang in there!!!!

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  • Im a criminal defense attorney with my own practice.  I have to work until each of my clients are taken care of.  I do have the benefit of being able to take it easy and leave early when I need to.  But I have a Federal appeal due on Feb 4. That one won't wait!!!
  • I'm here till the end :
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  • I'm still working and plan to until "labor day" lol. I'm also a teacher so I feel your pain - it's exhausting and the kids can really try my patience at times! I'm using my sick time for my paid leave and then taking the rest of the year off unpaid - so I won't need to go back until next September!


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  • Still working and planning on going all the way until I have this kid. I am only taking 6 weeks with this one as that is all the paid time I have. I could take 12 weeks with FMLA but we can't afford for me to do that so I want all my time at the end.

    Also for me since I have a 1 1/2 year old at home some times going to work is easier than chasing my little one(Love him to death but he is extremely busy and except for nap time is on the go all day)

    Hang in there, we are in the last stretch and will make it.

  • I think a bunch of us are still working.  I'm planning to work up until the minute I go into labor.  Happily, I work at a desk job so it's not too taxing, but I walk a mile each way back and forth to work, which is getting tough.  It also helps that I'm able to work from home if I really need to, which I plan to do when it gets really icy and terrible outside...I'm afraid to fall.
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  • Working to the end AND going back immediately. My main job is work at home, so I don't see any reason to take time off besides when I'm in the hospital. My second job is an adjunct position and not very demanding, so I figure as long as someone drives me to the school to teach two nights a week, I can sit in a chair to lecture and it shouldn't be a big deal. If I don't do it, I'll be at risk for not getting a class next semester.
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  • i'm still working--planning on Feb 1 being my last day.

    in general i feel ok, but i think i underestimated the difficulty of sitting in a desk chair 8 hours a day. i'm quite uncomfortable. i'm trying to get up and walk around every hour or so.



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  • Working right til the end!  Both my jobs usually involve sitting at a desk in front of a computer though, so I don't mind in the least since I'm apparently one of the lucky ones who feels more or less normal at this point.  Some minor aches and pains that are worse when I first wake up, a bit of heartburn, but that's pretty much it.  No point in staying home sooner than I have to, I'd probably just get bored. I don't do well with too much downtime. Stick out tongue

  • I'm a teacher too... I was going to stop at 38 weeks, but I think I'm going to have to stop at 37... in a couple days. On work days I come home almost in tears from pelvic pain. I'm taking the rest of the year off though, so timing doesn't really matter for me.

    I've had two friends this year go up until their due date though... I think it depends how you're feeling and your work and financial situation


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  • I'm still working :( it's hard...I'm an account executive/project manager and my job is pretty stressfull. I have to run around in warehouses and approve/ship stuff and it's really starting to get to me.

    Going to try to work up to my due date or take off a week or two early...I really really want to take a week or so off before.


    Hang in there ladies! We are almost there :)

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  • I'm working until the Friday before my due date. So the end of the work week before she should be arriving. Unfortunately I'm a delivery driver, so everything about working right now sucks. I spend three hours doing food prep in the morning (digging under a prep table/ in a cooler) that I can barely do over my stomach anymore. Then its up and down and up and down all day in and out of the car which I barely can reach the pedals in anymore... Like really if I get much bigger we have some serious issues cuz we'll need to but blocks on my pedals >.<


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  • Me.  I'm working right up until I have DD, which I did last time too.  I only get 12 weeks off and I want to save them all for the baby.  I'm an attorney so I'm still appearing in Court, taking depositions, etc.  I actually just tried a four day case in the Superior Court a few weeks ago!
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  • Planning on working till the end. I'm a registered nurse and my job is quite taxing and physically demanding and sometimes I wonder whether I'll be able to hang on till d-day. But I'm putting all my vacation time towards my maternity leave so I really don't have a choice.
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  • My last day will be Feb 1 - with due date of Feb 11.  I plan to use the time to make freezer meals! lol
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  • I'm a teacher too and plan on working till I go in labor. I will be going back the 2nd week in April.

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  • Going back into the classroom today was a little rough.  But I plan on working until I can't...and I'm hoping I go a little early. I am only taking 8 weeks (all the sick time I have saved up), so I know I will have to go back to work right around Spring Break.  So I will still have the whole 4th quarter to teach.  I just kind of accepted it, but I know it is going to be rough, especially since my class this year isn't as tame and controlled as last year's class.  
  • Another teacher.  I worked until DD1 arrived (39 weeks) and plan to do the same this time.  I sit more and don't sit on the floor with the kids (I teach K).  If DD2 comes on schedule, I can stay out until August so that is incentive! 
  • Working until I go into labor as well.
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  • I am still working.. up to the 31st. Thats the plan any ways.  Babe or doctor may say different!
  • Like a lot of you, I am trying to work as long as I can to have more time with the baby. My last day is going to be February 1st. My due date is the 5th so I am hoping that will give me a couple days to just relax and de stress from work and clear my mind and focus on baby! I sit at my desk for about half the day, and work out in the community for the other half of the time so it is starting to get uncomfortable and I can feel the stress building with everything on my mind. I will have 12 weeks off paid because I saved up my sick and vacation time. 4 more weeks and I will be with my baby I can't wait!!!!!!!! Smile
  • I'm still working full time too.  I'm trying my best to stick it out, but kidney stones are kicking my butt!  When I have one passing I have to take time out of work, but when I don't I'm doing my regular schedule.  It's been tough bc I'm a clinical social worker- home based behavior/communication/social therapy with kids that have special needs.  So, I'm driving all over the state.   I'm hoping to work up to the week before my due date- due date is 2/10/13.  Trying to hang in!
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  • I hate going to work these days. I feel like there's so much to get done, and work just gets in the way (when normally, I really don't mind it). I'm going to work until I have the baby, whether I'm early, late or on time. And depending on the circumstances, I'll be starting to work from home 2 weeks PP. ;)  

    The only reason I'm able to keep up is because I have to.  

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  • Though I am at risk for pre-e and early delivery, I am still working because I have to, unfortunately. I am a server/host at a restaurant and practically live on tips, which because of holidays haven't been that great in the first place.

     I feel horrible, and am ALWAYS complaining about my back and feet when I get home, lol. I have roughly 6 weeks left until due date, but still I plan to work as long as I can force myself to.

  • I'll work up until delivery like I did last time. I am moving slower, and I start having BH contractions during my last few hours when we get really busy ( I work in a hospital), but my coworkers understand when I need to take a little breather. I want to spend as much time at home AFTER delivery as possible.
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  • I'm still working 40 hours a week, but it's getting very tiring! I'll be 34 weeks on Wednesday, and my last day is a week before my due date. Luckily, my managers have been very accommodating, and they try to get me a stool to sit on, but I still end up standing/walking a majority of my day. I'm a mobile device technician at the Apple store, and we get very busy. Currently at my store, we don't have appointment availability until the next day or sometimes even 2 days. So we see a lot of people on a daily basis, and I'm constantly having to get up to grab parts or go to the back to do a repair. At least customers are really nice to me when they notice I'm pregnant! 

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  • I plan to work until I go into labor, I sit at a desk all day so I figure why leave early if I don't have to? More time with baby that way :)


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