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Has anyone flown with their toddler? We're going to Jamaica in a couple weeks with our 15 month old DD. I am very nervous about keeping her occupied on the 4.5 hr flight! Tips??

Also has anyone traveled to Jamaica with a baby or toddler? We're staying at an allinclusive so we won't be leaving the hotel once we get there, but I'm wondering about car seats in taxis to and from the airport...any info is appreciated!

Re: Vacation tips

  • toys, food, drinks, (aquadoodle and magnadoodle are hits for us).  Stickers (or just tape) are also winners.  Taking frequent trip to play in the bathroom (look, splash, flush, flick lights, jump...this will probably require you to sit on the toilet so she can actually jump).  Board the plane as late as possible.

    As for getting to the resort, I would email the resort and ask them what they provide (assuming the resort is providing the transportation between the airport).  I would not expect the taxi's to have anything available.  If they don't have any available you can always bring your own.  My friend bought a cheap seat at walmart before taking a trip to the Bahamas and used it to get to and from the resort and then left it with the bus (although she did mention that they didn't have seatbelts in the van so having the carseat was pointless.

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  • I flew with my little one when he was about that age--I recommend new toys--or to be precise toys that she hasn't seen before (much more entertaining).  Also it worked to be close to the aisle for diaper changing and people watching (also entertaining).  Have snacks/drink close at hand (check your flights regulation on these but there are exceptions for children).  I also would recommend a pacifier or something like it for the ear drums.  Good luck!  It's an adventure!
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  • Best thing ever is the GoGo baby travelmate!!!! We love ours.

    Stickers, candy, bottle (even if she is too old and has given it up), tylenol (give it even if she is not complaining about her ears), dramamine, crayola magic markers and special invisible paper, candy, snacks, bottle and more STICKERS!

  • and definitely pay the extra $200 for a seat for the baby. Totally worth it. If my LO is strapped into her carseat then she doesn't even know that she has the option of getting up. Great!

    we also purchased a travel tray from Right Start to play on while seated

  • Get a Magnadoodle! Those things are the best! Also make sure that you have a variety of toys, snacks, and beverages to provide the most amount of distraction possible! 
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