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Carpal Tunnel - Anyone else experiencing this awesome symptom?

Ouch!  Last week (at 35 weeks) I started experiencing terrible numbing/tingling hands at night.  A couple days later, it turned into shooting pain in my wrists and arms.  Now wearing braces and doing accupuncture.  Hands are pretty swollen all day. BP is fine.  Anyone else?  Any tips on how to deal?
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Re: Carpal Tunnel - Anyone else experiencing this awesome symptom?

  • no tips, really, but i'm suffering as well. seems to be worst overnight and in the morning, by mid-day swelling has gone down and no pain. heat seems to make it worse, so i've taken to soaking my hands in cold water for a couple minutes in the mornings, which reduces the pain and helps with stiffness. 

    i hope it doesn't get worse--if i have to stop knitting, things are going to get really unpleasant in our house.



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  • I'm guessing this is what I'm dealing with.  It's been almost two weeks.  I'm going to talk with my MW about it tomorrow morning.  My fingers are slightly swollen, but VERY sore.  Especially when using a pen or small paintbrush.  If I continue to work through the pain, I get shooting pains down in to my wrists.  I haven't found anything that works yet, but if the MW gives me any ideas, I'll be sure to post them.

  • OMG I have had it since 7 months. It is so bad now I can't even open a bottled water because I have no grip because my fingers are so bad. There is nothing you can really do but hope it goes away after popping out your bundle of joy.
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  • I unfortunately don't have many tips on how to deal with it, but I'm going through it myself. At my last dr's appointment (my 36 week appt), my OB mentioned that there's not much you can do other than wear the wrist braces at night and hope that they reduce the swelling enough to let you have a good day starting the next morning. She said that sometimes that helps and sometimes it doesn't. However, she said that she wasn't aware of much else that we could in this case :-(


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    Ouch!  Last week (at 35 weeks) I started experiencing terrible numbing/tingling hands at night.  A couple days later, it turned into shooting pain in my wrists and arms.  Now wearing braces and doing accupuncture.  Hands are pretty swollen all day. BP is fine.  Anyone else?  Any tips on how to deal?



    I've been struggling with this BADLY since 20 weeks. My hands swell my wrists and hands throb and swell and hurt and you can't really take anything for it. Night time is even worse- it woke me out of dead sleeps all the time. Tylenol is a joke.

    Then the wrist braces. Full coverage, solid support bottom braces. Not ace bandages or anything flimsy you don't want your wrists to move. Period. Start with them at night if that helps but I've been wearing mine 24/7 except for showers/bathroom/eating since about 23 weeks. It has been the only thing that helps and while the relief isn't a cure all or immediate it is a godsend. At this point int he pregnancy the end is near anyway and they aren't too cumbersome. Talk to your OB- mine got my a script for them even so insurance covered the cost (I think they were about 20 a piece). Trust me it doesn't sound like much help bu it REALLY is.


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  • I've also had issues since around week 20.  OB recommended wearing a wrist brace - and while I still have some discomfort, it's much better if I've been wearing the brace.
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  • I don't have carpal tunnel, but I do have median nerve pain (the nerve that gets inflamed from carpal tunnel). All you can do is wear a brace. I get it higher up in my left arm and I also get sciatic pain on my left leg, so I lay the left side of my body on an electrical blanket when it's really bad and it helps out. 
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  • I've had a couple of episodes of it, but nothing terrible.  No help here, it just sure is annoying!
  • With me, the most bothersome part is that my index and middle finger are numb, as if thy have fallen asleep, but it is 24/7.  I started wearing a brace, but it doesn't seem to help too much.  3 weeks and 6 days...3 weeks and 6 days...
  • I've had it for the past 3 weeks. My hands are swollen and stiff throughout the day, but nightime and first thing in the morning are the worst. It hurts so bad to move my fingers. Apparently it has something to do with the fluid redistributing overnight  while you're laying down. I feel like an 80 year old woman with arthritis in her hands!

    When I asked my doctor about it, the only suggestion she had was to wear wrist braces to bed, but that seems like it might be somewhat uncomfortable too.

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  • I've had this for a few months now.  I haven't really found anything that takes it away.  I wear the brace at night and then throughout the day.  It definately helps.  The other thing that I noticed is that if I keep my arm down at night, not up near my face- it hurts less. 
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  • I got it recently...it sucks I just wear braces
  • I got it around 34 weeks and the numbness is what is making me most crazy.  It's way worse in my dominant hand (right hand).  I sleep with braces on because I was only having the numbness at night but now I have it all day long!  I have tried stretches and massage and no luck.  I'm hoping it will disappear after delivery...30 days (hopefully)!!
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