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Hip joint pain :(

I have two boys... the first one I had when I was 22 (he's 18) and I started that pregnancy at 240 pounds.  The second one I had when I was 38 (he's 2) and I started that pregnancy at 140 pounds.  Now I'm 16 weeks preggers with another boy and I'm 40 and I started this pregnancy at 195 pounds.  With both previous pregnancies at exactly the 16 week mark... no matter my age or weight.... I started having hip joint pain.... BAD hip joint pain.  It starts out on one side feeling like someone someone hit me in the butt with a baseball bat.... then it switches sides back and forth for a few weeks and then both sides become excrutiating and next thing you know I can't even walk.  It's so bad that I can hardly walk from my bed to the bathroom!  So this time I was hoping against hope that it wouldn't happen again.... and yesterday.... like clockwork.... the night before I turned 16 weeks.... I feel the baseball bat thing in my right hip.  UGH!  I think this time I'm for sure going to ask my OB if I can maybe do physical therapy.... I'm for sure asking him for a wheelchair and a handicapped sign and I'm gonna have to start doing yoga (which seems to help a little).  Does anyone else have this issue?

Re: Hip joint pain :(

  • My fibromyalgia started acting up at almost exactly 16 weeks. Combined with the loosening of the ligaments which throws off my hips and my back (and neck), I have terrible back and hip pain along with nerve issues (like sciatica). And I can't self-adjust anymore because my ligaments are too loose-- so no more cracking my back to relieve it.

    I'm going to start swimming as an exercise that may help relieve some of this discomfort without further aggravating my fibro and my arthritis. I'm also going to get some massage therapy. If that doesn't help, I'm going to splurge and get some acupuncture.

    Good luck with your pain. Thank goodness it's worth it in the end, right? LOL

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  • My hips hurt at night from side sleeping, but they don't bother me much during the day, thankfully. I think it's just everything stretching out and relaxing.
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  • Somedays my hip pain is so bad I wish I could replace it. It has progressively gotten worse with this pregnancy. I started out heavier then any of my other 3 but not drastically and the extra weight isnt helping my pain. I also have a horrible sciatica problem
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  • I'm sorry you are in so much pain.  I hope you are able to get some kind of relief soon.
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