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Nighttime Sleep

My 1st DS didn't STTN until he was over a year old, and until that point would wake to eat a couple times a night. When he was very little, as DS2 is now, he would be up at least every two hours.

Now DS2 is (of course) a whole different kid and will give me 3, 4, or sometimes 5-hour stretches of sleep at night between feeds. I should be completely happy about this, but sometimes it makes me nervous because I want to make sure he's getting enough to eat. So the question is: what are the typical nighttime stretches for you all? Anyone have a LO who's close to STTN? Mind you I'm not doing anything to encourage the longer stretches, it's just how he is. I'd be surprised if he STTN this early.

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Re: Nighttime Sleep

  • Our LO #1 gave us 4-5 hour stretches within 2 weeks of birth.  LO #2 and #3, not so much.  LO #3 is up at night every 1.5-2 hours.  I think every kid will be different and like PP says, they don't let themselves starve.  If I were you I'd be thankful for the sleep...I know I miss it dearly and was so hoping for another like LO #1 :)

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  • My LO is the same age as yours, and I get similar stretches. There still isn't much of a schedule to it, but at night I do get stretches of 3,4 or 5 hours on any given night. More 4 hours stretches right now then anything else.
  • The baby will wake when hungry. Don't worry about the time. DD slept 7, then 8, and even 9 hours a couple nights ago, then back to 5 last night. I have no concerns. She's thriving. Just enjoy sleep when you can get it.
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  • Mine has been having stretches of sleep around 5 hours a night here in the last week. She eats plenty during the day, though, so I am not worried. I agree with PPs that they will wake and let you know if they are hungry. I am just glad that I am getting some sleep.
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  • They'll let you know, I was afraid to let my little guy sleep through the night because he had been waking at least 1 to 2 times to eat. But sometimes he'll give us 7 to 9 hours and wake up super happy and ready for breakfast. Other times he'll do 4 to 4.5 hour chunks of sleep with a feeding in between. Just depends on what they need that night!
  • Thanks, all. I BF, so getting to sleep for that long of a stretch seems unreal to me, but I will just enjoy it and be thankful! :)
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