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Hubby has the flu!!

So my husband has the flu but I think we caught it in enough time. He is on medication thank god. Fortunately we can sleep in different rooms but I am still very nervous. I did not get he flu shot because of a horrible reaction when I got it 2 years ago. I did not want to have the same reaction and my doctor at the time thought I may be allergic to it. I am so nervous now! I had a double ear infection a week and half ago and was able to take an antibiotic. I am going to my doctor today and hopefully he can suggestion something for me to take if possible. I do not want to end up with the flu. I needed to vent!

Re: Hubby has the flu!!

  • Your doctor may give you a prescription for tamiflu to take if you start getting symptoms (if your doc feels comfortable giving it to a pregnant lady). One of my friends had the flu and went to urgent care, and the doc wrote his wife a prescription just in case.
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  • If it makes you feel any better the majority of cases in our area are a different strain then what the shot was for. And DH, myself and DS have been feeling crappy for a few days so I'm praying he didn't bring it home from work.
  • If your doctor is willing - see if you can get a prescription for Tamiflu to take prophylactically.  You REALLY don't want to get the flu, but even if you do - you don't want to get full-blown symptoms.  I am on day 5 of flu recovery at nearly 36 weeks pregnant, and it is horrible.  
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  • Thanks for the advice! My doctor did give me a perscription for Tamiflu but told me that it may not do anything to prevent me from getting it. I am nervous about taking it since it is a Class C drug. I figured I will just monitor myself for the next couple of days and if I start to feel under the weather I will go to the hospital. At least there they can monitor me and the baby. I am praying I will not get it since I really only have about a week left of working too.
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